Smokescreen Baby

  She was lean and mean, a mere stringbean She loved the scene at the local canteen A cup of caffeine sparked her routine She wowed her fans with her tamborine A silver screen queen and only thirteen -Eugenia  … Read More ›

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  • Tuesday Chatter 92

      Hey, the Tuesday Chatter Cafe is humming with chatter! Join us in our cozy cafe where the world is muted at eleventy oclock.  Enjoy your cuppa as we dwell on thought-provoking and undeniably doubtful drivel. “In general people put… Read More ›

  • Gentle Breeze (For Glen Campbell, (1936-2017)

    Originally posted on Darkness of His Dreams:
    Counting the dirty cracks in the sidewalk, Listening to a great old song, Echoing through my ears, Whispered on a warm summer breeze From a southern night, long ago. Memory’s door is always…

  • Alienated

    Oh to fit in and be like the rest A bowtie smile and looking your best You continued to deceive We no longer believe You labeled yourself as an unwanted guest -Eugenia   This week the event is to Write a story… Read More ›

  • Who Are You?

    Originally posted on BrewNSpew:
    What could be more enjoyable than a crisp fall day Captivating colors of amber, magenta, and gold Create a spellbinding sight as trees dance and sway We have not yet met, your story not yet been…

  • Tuesday Chatter 91

      Hey, c’mon in and have a cuppa at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe. A place where the clocks don’t know night from day, and we can chat about what may or may not happen. We like to dwell on thought-provoking… Read More ›

  • Tycho

    Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
    Tycho Brahe’s Prosthetic Nose (Regarding Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, 1546-1601) ? silver nose in the air eccentricities famous enamored of liquor and women and spheres drew the heavens mathematically reaching degrees of flamboyant precision…

  • Best Shots Ever!

    Originally posted on See Norway – Se Norge:
    Jeg sliter litt med å forstå dette: Jeg mer selv at jeg nettopp har publisert noe av mitt aller beste arbeide, men av en eller annen grunn går de fleste rett forbi…

  • Life on Hold

    There’s this wise old raven Yesteryear was his destination Wanting to solve life’s equations Stepped up to the occasion But his memory was on vacation -Eugenia   This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using… Read More ›

  • About Me

    Originally posted on BrewNSpew:
    ? Today, one of my fellow bloggers asked if I had an About Me page. I sifted through by blogs and didn’t find where I had a separate page dedicated to me, myself and me. If…