Buying Visits To Your Site Is A Bad Idea

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We all want to build a bigger audience for our website and increase our earnings — but how we go about it is important. Every month, the WordAds team sees advertisers flag some of our program members for acquiring non-human traffic. The owners of these flagged sites often tell us that…

#Haikai Challenge #16

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need for approval obstructing freedom of soul self-inflicted pain the only bonds that matter come with total acceptance ? Haikai Challenge by Frank J.Tassone

Out of Respect

Let’s not cop a mindset we’ll regret What we think and what we say may be a duet  Could be a bit risky like playing roulette Or as dire as a reset of the woodpecker’s peck Don’t become a marionettist on the internet -Eugenia This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or…

The Write Word? Post 2

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Word cloud created using Do you sometimes struggle to find the ‘right’ word for your writing? I do. Maybe, in helping myself, I can help other writers. I’ve been posting pieces titled ‘Looking for the Best Word?’ until I reached post 70, at the end of 2017, and decided…

Beware of Commonly Misstated Phrases

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DON’T embarrass yourself by saying or writing commonly misused idioms such as the following ones. The incorrect phrase is stated first, followed by the correct one: For all intensive purposes — For all intents and purposes Statue of limitations — Statute of limitations I could care less — I couldn’t…


There’s no saying goodbye to a loved one and their days in the sun Let life force breathe fresh air Each moment is one to prepare To map a path and live in the now -Eugenia   “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard”-John Bytheway     Reena’s Exploration Challenge Reena’s…


  Don’t care for feeling awkward  or cornered about borders   Thoughts best-kept marching onward Let’s consider it an honor  There’s the option to move forward §   This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word forward. Please stop in and join the challenge Patricia’s Place.   Please…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

Welcome to the Tuesday Chatter Cafe, a cozy place to meet for coffee and a weekly chat. Have a seat and enjoy the buzz, and be kind to one another because what happens here doesn’t stay here. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” -Eleanor Roosevelt If we were having coffee at…

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