Spewing about Georgia


canton-st3Wow, is it hot here in Georgia!  It is downright sweltering and not nearly as bad as some other parts of the country.  It must be because we are surrounded by all of these lovely mountains.


We live in Roswell, Ga, a suburb of Atlanta. We moved here from Jacksonville, FL about three years ago. It’s hot in Florida too – you can probably fry an egg on the sidewalk. Why would anyone waste a good egg like that and messy, to boot?!


I was transferred to Atlanta by my employer. I got caught up in a corporate transition and survived four layoffs. Part of my survival was transferring to Atlanta. When I got settled in my job in Atlanta, I found out that office was closing in a year or so. After a year or so of waiting, “they” finally announced the closing date. Well, I was ready to retire, after 40+ years in the corporate world, so this situation was working in my favor. Also, I was so ready for the never ending saga to be over.

My husband, our cat Amanda and I fell in love with Georgia and decided to become permanent residents. We have had tenants in our Florida home until this week. Our tenants are moving out and we have put the house up for sale. Our house is a great house in a nice neighborhood; however, we prefer to live near mountains rather than beaches. To each his/her own, you know.


We are presently in an apartment, which I adore. It’s spacious and yet cozy, with a pantry and a fireplace 🙂  And, if you have read my other blogs, my stories about the back porch, sipping coffee, our friend the tree and the fireflies originated and have added to our enjoyment of living in this apartment.


There is so much to do in Georgia. I mean, Roswell on its own, is a charming city with tons of history. My favorite part of Roswell is Canton Street, which is lined with eclectic restaurants, cozy bars, and adorable shops. Mind you, our Roswell is not to be confused with Roswell, New Mexico. Surely you have heard the story about Roswell, NM and the UFO incident in 1947? Well, there is some carrying on about aliens in Roswell, Ga, since the cities have the same name. My husband and I even had hats and shirts made up indicating – no aliens in Roswell, Ga!  Of course, you never know as there could be aliens in Roswell, Ga, and they just won’t own up to it.

roswell logo-01

We love to take day trips, you know what I mean – driving to places of interest and cool little cities. I am a favorite of Trip Advisor as I have written numerous reviews on hotels, restaurants, and bars. We are restaurant and bar type people because you meet a lot of nice people that way. lol

One of our favorite cities is Helen, Ga. Helen is a Bavarian Alps replica town along the Chattahoochee River. It has been the home of Oktoberfest for ages. Helen offers specialty shops, cool restaurants and bars, tubing, nature trails, rustic cabins and more. Helen is a delicious place to visit and one that everyone should add to their bucket list. We have had the pleasure of visiting Helen on numerous occasions and have experienced all four seasons there. We have even considered buying a cabin in Helen.  It is a very small city and I believe the population is still less than 500.  Of course, it is a tourist favorite and becomes very crowded at certain times of the year.  It may be too small for us to live there, but a great place to visit and only an hour drive from Roswell.




I could ramble on and on about Helen, Ga, however, my ramblings don’t do it justice.  It is a must see city!

Our next favorite city is Blue Ridge, Ga, which I am saving my Blue Ridge story for my next spew.  Please tune in.







Our Friend, The Tree

There is this magnificent tree outside our back porch. It is dressed beautifully for summer in limey green leaves. It provides shade and a lot of privacy. I love to sit on my back porch in the mornings with my friend, the tree, and enjoy my coffee, laced with cinnamon and nutmeg. My husband is still sleeping as he is not of an early riser.

At night, my husband and I sit on the back porch and sip cocktails or coffee and enjoy our friend, the tree. We watch the fireflies flit in between the branches, dance on the leaves and put on a real show, to our delight. I believe they love the tree as much as we do. Perhaps, they know they are being watched and come back to the tree time and time again to show off. The tree takes on the appearance of being dressed as a Christmas tree.

In the fall, the tree is dressed in a warm shade of yellow. It doesn’t have the warm golds, oranges, and browns of the color spectrum conducive to fall – just a warm yellow color. Our friend, the tree, is stunning!

When the leaves fall and the tree is bare, it takes on a skeletal appearance. It is downright creepy and spooky. It looks sad and dreary, like something or someone undressed it without its permission. Well yeah, someone undressed it – Mother Nature did it. I know it; you know it, so no surprise. My husband and I sit on the back porch with coffee, laced with cinnamon or mocha and enjoy our friend, the tree.

Winter comes around and dresses the tree in a blanket of glistening snow. It is the ultimate experience of nature’s beauty. When the wind blows, it is a dazzle of white with a hint of blue. It is spectacular. It’s as if our friend, the tree, has taken on a whole new role.

Well, last night a big storm rolled through Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We live just outside of Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia. There was an array of weather warnings that started hours ahead of the storm. My husband’s TV shows were constantly interrupted with those annoying warning sounds that a storm is approaching. Our computers were inundated with constant warnings from The Weather Channel. Our cell phones had lightning flashing on their screens (cell phones are clever little boxes, aren’t they). We were cooking ribs and it got smoky in our apartment so the smoke alarms were screeching. It was a major fiasco!!


Our friend, the tree, was whipping around in the wind like it had found new freedom. The branches were dressed in anger and fierceness. The tree was taking on another new role. It was fearless and bold. It wanted to come inside and grab us. It didn’t want to weather the storm alone. Where were we? Why aren’t we sitting out on the porch sipping coffee? Wow! What fair-weather friends we turned out to be.

The storm finally passed, leaving structural fires and downed trees in Atlanta. A real mess and a messy situation for those unfortunate folks involved in the storm’s swath of destruction. Lo and behold our friend, the tree, was still standing in all its glory. It had weathered the storm. It was dressed in proudness and stood tall and mighty.

The tree is beautiful and serene right now with just a slight wind fluttering its leaves. It is dressed in happiness and seems to be smiling.  My husband and I have a date tonight, where we will be sitting on the back porch, sipping coffee or cocktails, laced with something?
We will be enjoying our friend, the tree.





Coffee and Me and Memories


I love coffee and my memories that go with it. One of my favorites is espresso – ANY TYPE OF ESPRESSO! Ristretto, single shot, double shot or lungo (long shot). JUST GIVE IT TO ME!! I also love Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Mocha, anything that a barista at Starbucks can conjure up.
My love for coffee started when I was young. My mother was raised in Louisiana and spent a lot of time in New Orleans. She would frequent the well-known Café du Monde in New Orleans where their specialty was coffee with Chicory and beignets.
For those of you that are not familiar with Chicory, it is a caffeine-free herb that is as popular as a coffee substitute as well as an ingredient in New Orleans coffee.

cafe du monde2

By the way, I know you are just dying to know what beignets are. Beignets are a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. They are served in orders of three. They were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians and were fried fritters, sometimes filled with fruit.

cafe du monde

I remember the times when my mother and I would vacation in New Orleans and have leisurely breakfasts at the Café du Monde sipping Chicory coffee and munching on beignets. I preferred the Chicory served Au Lait, mixed half and half with hot milk. It was a glorious time – memories that will not be forgotten.

When I turned 30, I had several life-changing events and decided to leave Orlando, Fl (where I was born). I moved to the Miami area where I fell in love with Café Cubano, known as Cuban coffee. Cuban Coffee is a type of espresso that is incredibly delicious.

cuban coffee1

Cuban coffee is the octane that fuels South Miami. Sipping Cuban coffee is a daily social event in Miami neighborhoods. It’s a cheap jolt that will keep you going for hours. There are several variations of energy creating coffee. I could use a shot right now in order to get through this blog. If you ever have to run through an airport to catch a plane and you’re in Miami, grab a shot of Cuban coffee. I was already late and had a connecting flight so I grabbed that little amazing shot of energy and made my flight – it was a fun time and will not be forgotten.

cuban coffe2
As for the coffee. I have at home, as soon as I wake up, I turn on the coffee. I had readied it the night before. I have this old and outdated automatic coffee maker, which I am going to have to replace soon. However, it works and makes a decent 8 cups pf coffee. I sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin spice in the grinds to give it some spunk.
My husband and I sip our coffee through the morning while getting ready for what the day will bring. It doesn’t live up to the interesting taste of Chicory, the jolt from Cuban coffee or the pizzazz from espresso, however, it makes for our quality time together – memories that will not be forgotten.





“Cats have it all – admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.” – Rod McKuen


Isn’t that the truth?  I mean these aloof creatures do what they want, when they want and how they want.  It is their way or no way.

My cat is a Himalayan and has the personality of a diva.  She truly rules the household.  She owns every square inch of the floor in our apartment.  She must relocate herself for her naps at least 10 times day.  She is a good cat because she does not get on counter tops – got to give her credit for that.

But really, her bowls have to be a certain way, her water has to fresh and cool, she is picky about her food.  She only likes one out of her seven brushes (she is a long haired cat).    Sometimes she likes me and sometimes she likes my hubby.  We can tell because she will butt her head on our leg or arm, claiming us as hers or she will jump up on our lap.  Other times, she doesn’t want to be bothered by either one of us.  It is like, how dare you interrupt my nap.

She is a stunning animal with beautiful markings and huge blue eyes.  She definitely knows how to use those eyes.  She just has to look at you and you know you’ve been had.  She has massive fur and has to be brushed every day.  Her tail is big and fluffy and its movement is telltale signs of her moods.

2015 009

After her many naps. she gets a surge of energy and decides to run from one end of the room to the other, all while tossing her toys and making missiles out of them.  Then back to the nap.  She is fifteen years old now and gets tuckered out easily.

So you probably have a pretty good idea about my finicky, prissy feline.

Now, I need to discuss her meows.  In the morning, she looks at me and opens her mouth and barely makes a sound.  I call that her good morning meow.  Later on in the day, when she is more together, she has several little melodic meows.  I think she is acknowledging us through the day to ready us for what is to come.  Yes, the I need to be fed meow – the longest and loudest meow she can possibly manage.  Her meows are hilarious and they all seem to have different meanings.  In fact, I  read where cats reserve their meows for humans more so than other cats.  Their meows are their way of vocalizing their needs.

Well, enough about my feline and in fact, she is calling me now.  It’s a soft meow, meaning she wants my attention.