“Cats have it all – admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.” – Rod McKuen

Isn’t that the truth?  I mean these aloof creatures do what they want, when they want and how they want.  It is their way or no way.

My cat is a Himalayan and has the personality of a diva.  She truly rules the household.  She owns every square inch of the floor in our apartment.  She must relocate herself for her naps at least 10 times day.  She is a good cat because she does not get on counter tops – got to give her credit for that.

But really, her bowls have to be a certain way, her water has to fresh and cool, she is picky about her food.  She only likes one out of her seven brushes (she is a long haired cat).    Sometimes she likes me and sometimes she likes my hubby.  We can tell because she will butt her head on our leg or arm, claiming us as hers or she will jump up on our lap.  Other times, she doesn’t want to be bothered by either one of us.  It is like, how dare you interrupt my nap.

She is a stunning animal with beautiful markings and huge blue eyes.  She definitely knows how to use those eyes.  She just has to look at you and you know you’ve been had.  She has massive fur and has to be brushed every day.  Her tail is big and fluffy and its movement is telltale signs of her moods.


After her many naps. she gets a surge of energy and decides to run from one end of the room to the other, all while tossing her toys and making missiles out of them.  Then back to the nap.  She is fifteen years old now and gets tuckered out easily.

So you probably have a pretty good idea about my finicky, prissy feline.


Now, I need to discuss her meows.  In the morning, she looks at me and opens her mouth and barely makes a sound.  I call that her good morning meow.  Later on in the day, when she is more together, she has several little melodic meows.  I think she is acknowledging us through the day to ready us for what is to come.  Yes, the I need to be fed meow – the longest and loudest meow she can possibly manage.  Her meows are hilarious and they all seem to have different meanings.  In fact, I  read where cats reserve their meows for humans more so than other cats.  Their meows are their way of vocalizing their needs.

Well, enough about my feline and in fact, she is calling me now.  It’s a soft meow, meaning she wants my attention.



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  1. Who doesn’t love a Diva or beignets, for that matter. Here in Rhode Island we call them doughboys. MMMMM!


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