Our Friend, The Tree


There is this magnificent tree outside our back porch. It is dressed beautifully for summer in limey green leaves. It provides shade and a lot of privacy. I love to sit on my back porch in the mornings with my friend, the tree, and enjoy my coffee, laced with cinnamon and nutmeg. My husband is still sleeping as he is not of an early riser.

At night, my husband and I sit on the back porch and sip cocktails or coffee and enjoy our friend, the tree. We watch the fireflies flit in between the branches, dance on the leaves and put on a real show, to our delight. I believe they love the tree as much as we do. Perhaps, they know they are being watched and come back to the tree time and time again to show off. The tree takes on the appearance of being dressed as a Christmas tree.

In the fall, the tree is dressed in a warm shade of yellow. It doesn’t have the warm golds, oranges, and browns of the color spectrum conducive to fall – just a warm yellow color. Our friend, the tree, is stunning!

When the leaves fall and the tree is bare, it takes on a skeletal appearance. It is downright creepy and spooky. It looks sad and dreary, like something or someone undressed it without its permission. Well yeah, someone undressed it – Mother Nature did it. I know it; you know it, so no surprise. My husband and I sit on the back porch with coffee, laced with cinnamon or mocha and enjoy our friend, the tree.

Winter comes around and dresses the tree in a blanket of glistening snow. It is the ultimate experience of nature’s beauty. When the wind blows, it is a dazzle of white with a hint of blue. It is spectacular. It’s as if our friend, the tree, has taken on a whole new role.

Well, last night a big storm rolled through Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We live just outside of Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia. There was an array of weather warnings that started hours ahead of the storm. My husband’s TV shows were constantly interrupted with those annoying warning sounds that a storm is approaching. Our computers were inundated with constant warnings from The Weather Channel. Our cell phones had lightning flashing on their screens (cell phones are clever little boxes, aren’t they). We were cooking ribs and it got smoky in our apartment so the smoke alarms were screeching. It was a major fiasco!!


Our friend, the tree, was whipping around in the wind like it had found new freedom. The branches were dressed in anger and fierceness. The tree was taking on another new role. It was fearless and bold. It wanted to come inside and grab us. It didn’t want to weather the storm alone. Where were we? Why aren’t we sitting out on the porch sipping coffee? Wow! What fair-weather friends we turned out to be.

The storm finally passed, leaving structural fires and downed trees in Atlanta. A real mess and a messy situation for those unfortunate folks involved in the storm’s swath of destruction. Lo and behold our friend, the tree, was still standing in all its glory. It had weathered the storm. It was dressed in proudness and stood tall and mighty.

The tree is beautiful and serene right now with just a slight wind fluttering its leaves. It is dressed in happiness and seems to be smiling.  My husband and I have a date tonight, where we will be sitting on the back porch, sipping coffee or cocktails, laced with something?
We will be enjoying our friend, the tree.



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  1. Such a beautiful story and great pictures. I was almost feeling an analogy of our blogs….we look beautiful when lot of friends are looking at us, and our blogs go through seasons of change and sometimes our lives get ugly (I.e. family member is diagnosed with terminal cancer).
    But that’s me….this is also just a beautifully illustrated story about our friends in nature!


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