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Wow, is it hot here in Georgia!  It is downright sweltering and not nearly as bad as some other parts of the country.  It must be because we are surrounded by all of these lovely mountains.


We live in Roswell, Ga, a suburb of Atlanta. We moved here from Jacksonville, FL about three years ago. It’s hot in Florida too – you can probably fry an egg on the sidewalk. Why would anyone waste a good egg like that and messy, to boot?!


I was transferred to Atlanta by my employer. I got caught up in a corporate transition and survived four layoffs. Part of my survival was transferring to Atlanta. When I got settled in my job in Atlanta, I found out that office was closing in a year or so. After a year or so of waiting, “they” finally announced the closing date. Well, I was ready to retire, after 40+ years in the corporate world, so this situation was working in my favor. Also, I was so ready for the never ending saga to be over.

My husband, our cat Amanda and I fell in love with Georgia and decided to become permanent residents. We have had tenants in our Florida home until this week. Our tenants are moving out and we have put the house up for sale. Our house is a great house in a nice neighborhood; however, we prefer to live near mountains rather than beaches. To each his/her own, you know.


We are presently in an apartment, which I adore. It’s spacious and yet cozy, with a pantry and a fireplace 🙂  And, if you have read my other blogs, my stories about the back porch, sipping coffee, our friend the tree and the fireflies originated and have added to our enjoyment of living in this apartment.


There is so much to do in Georgia. I mean, Roswell on its own, is a charming city with tons of history. My favorite part of Roswell is Canton Street, which is lined with eclectic restaurants, cozy bars, and adorable shops. Mind you, our Roswell is not to be confused with Roswell, New Mexico. Surely you have heard the story about Roswell, NM and the UFO incident in 1947? Well, there is some carrying on about aliens in Roswell, Ga, since the cities have the same name. My husband and I even had hats and shirts made up indicating – no aliens in Roswell, Ga!  Of course, you never know as there could be aliens in Roswell, Ga, and they just won’t own up to it.

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We love to take day trips, you know what I mean – driving to places of interest and cool little cities. I am a favorite of Trip Advisor as I have written numerous reviews on hotels, restaurants, and bars. We are restaurant and bar type people because you meet a lot of nice people that way. lol

One of our favorite cities is Helen, Ga. Helen is a Bavarian Alps replica town along the Chattahoochee River. It has been the home of Oktoberfest for ages. Helen offers specialty shops, cool restaurants and bars, tubing, nature trails, rustic cabins and more. Helen is a delicious place to visit and one that everyone should add to their bucket list. We have had the pleasure of visiting Helen on numerous occasions and have experienced all four seasons there. We have even considered buying a cabin in Helen.  It is a very small city and I believe the population is still less than 500.  Of course, it is a tourist favorite and becomes very crowded at certain times of the year.  It may be too small for us to live there, but a great place to visit and only an hour drive from Roswell.




I could ramble on and on about Helen, Ga, however, my ramblings don’t do it justice.  It is a must see city!

Our next favorite city is Blue Ridge, Ga, which I am saving my Blue Ridge story for my next spew.  Please tune in.







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  1. Now I’ll have Georgia on my mind straight into my dreams tonight. It does sound lovely and I think you made out quite well in the downsizing process! Clare

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  2. The photos are as pretty as a picture 🙂 enchanting looking houses. I also love mountains, I keep feeling that they have a lot of understated beauty and secrets. You my friend are living the life of quality 😊

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    • I feel the same way about mountains. They definitely take on a personality. They can appear to be peaceful and serene. They can appear to be full of life and mystery. They can be what you want them to be.

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  3. I want to go to Helen! And Roswell. Heck, Atlanta too! I have a daughter who you read about called Georgia…just fell in love with the name and the song :). I’ve been to the German Black Forest, and love the fairytale style of architecture…I’m sure it has a proper name! Helen sounds lovely. I live in Wales, UK. Roswell, Ga sounds super-exotic to me!


    • It is lovely and unique. It’s sister city is Fussen Bavaria. You would love North Georgia. It’s fairly peaceful and the season changes are beautiful. I love Atlanta for a big city. It has the usual big city problems as far as U.S. cities go, however, it is a great city and has a lot to offer- history, culture, art and entertainment.


  4. Thank you for enjoying my You don’t have to Argue blog. I see you love Georgia, but our country is full of beautiful small towns. It’s nice that you’re enjoying retirement. And we should spend more time enjoying life more. I once lived surrounded by mountains in Tucson, AZ. It was something to look out my back window seeing all that beauty, but I came back to Ohio. We never know what will happen in life. So, take care.


  5. Gosh, you’re in Roswell , GA? Well, it sure is pretty, but were a few of those pictures taken around Xmas time? And the bird cooling off from water leaping out is so funny. By the way, what kind of bird was it? Take care now.



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