Spewing Anew


I felt a change coming on about the way I want to express myself with my blogging.  This won’t be the first or last time I have turned around in the middle of the road.  Could it be I have too much time on my hands or the lull before the storm?

With that said, I have renamed my site “Brew n Spew”, because it has a kick to it, and is more fitting to me, myself, and I.  I mean, just think of the different meanings for the word “brew”!  Fun word, for sure.  Then I thought I wanted something fun, catchy and themey to go with “brew”, and came up with “spew”.  I like spewing – it is kind of like venting.  The two together have a nice ring and hopefully, a little more uniqueness.

The rest of this blog was previously written under “Yes, Another Chapter” and I have retitled it to mesh with my new idea.

Well, it is another hot day in Georgia and I am thinking about the cool and peaceful mountains in Blue Ridge, Ga.  I mentioned Blue Ridge as one of my favorite cities in my last blog.


Blue Ridge, Ga definitely lives up to its stunning reputation – you know what I mean by seeing those Chamber of Commerce ads that try to lure tourists and future residents to their city.

Blue Ridge is home to the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway and Mercier Orchards.  It is also home to beautiful lakes and spectacular mountains. Blue Ridge is part of the Appalachians and the Blue Ridge range. It was tagged that way due to the bluish color that is obvious when viewed from afar.



The history is truly fascinating.  Here is a link if you are interested in delving into the history.      http://theblueridgehighlander.com/history/north_georgia_mountains/fannin-county.php


In addition to the hiking, fishing and ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD SCENERY, there is great shopping, lodging, arts, festivals, entertainment, restaurants, and bars.



An interesting tip about Blue Ridge is that it sits on the North Carolina – Tennessee Line, only 1 1/2 hours north of Atlanta so you can scoot right into the other states and enjoy yourself without being too far from Blue Ridge.

I have just touched on the edge describing the beauty of Blue Ridge and I don’t want to be too lengthy.  Perhaps, it is best to limit my chatting to my favs, which if you read my last blog you will know that my husband and I are restaurant and bar people.


There are several enticing restaurants and bars, all which have their own mouth-watering cuisine and a large selection of libations.



We have a number one fav and that is Boro Inn Irish Pub.  There is no doubt this is the warmest most inviting pub you have ever set foot in.   The owner is a retired Irish Priest and he is as authentic as the decor.  The decor is items brought over from Ireland as well as relics and eclectic memorabilia contributed by some of the patrons.  We have frequented this charming pub several times and have met most of the family.  We were there last St Patrick’s Day and met the owner’s mother and brothers, which were visiting from Ireland.  They are all very charming and we shared some wonderful conversation about their country, our country, and differences in culture, politics, religion and everything else that would add to the pot of stew.


It’s pretty obvious we love Blue Ridge, with its beauty and serenity.  It’s a small city with a population of only 1,290, according to the last census, yet is has a sense of busyness and hustle bustle.  The residents are charming and welcoming and strive to keep the city quaint and beautiful.  There is a constant awareness of maintaining the prosperity of the city, yet retaining the small town attitude.

We have considered living in Blue Ridge, where we can enjoy mountains and streams and all that nature has to offer.  Perhaps, we can buy a cozy cabin with a spectacular view and sip coffee out on our deck.  Dreams never hurt anyone and you know, they just might come true.

Oh, let’s not forget to add Boro Irish Pub to the mix of reasons of why we want to live there.  I’ll have a glass of cabernet sauvignon, please.






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5 replies

    • I do like Brew and Spew. Very catchy! And the Choco Theme is perfect for all of this. But my favorite part was all of the great things I just learned about Blue Ridge and Georgia. I thank you very much. Clare


      • Thank you. I appreciate your comments. I have become more familiar with the Choco Theme and found it has a lot to offer. At first, I found the theme constricting, however, now it has become very fun. I feel Ga has a lot to offer and I love these cities. I find it fun to share fond memories.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I like the name!! And your theme is very nice too. What great photos of Blue Ridge area!

    I have nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog tomorrow for the rules of accepting the award nomination, copy and paste the instructions and modify them to suit …Happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. You just made my day. I have gone through theme after theme trying to find one that fits. I loved Choco but I couldn’t get the results I wanted. The theme I have now has more possibilities and has the cozy feeling that I enjoy. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

      Liked by 1 person

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