My Spewing Space

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writing Space.”

My writing space, which I refer to writing as spewing, is a bit unique.  My five-year-old laptop, which I have adopted as part of our family, is perched on the main (middle) shelf of a Baker’s Rack.  The Baker’s Rack is really an attractive piece of furniture.  It has four shelves, which are perfectly spaced and serve as storage for a printer, and other miscellaneous items.  It is made of wood and a lovely color – I believe it is chestnut brown.  I have owned and moved the Baker’s Rack around with me for fifteen years.

2015-08-06 16.53.10To the left of my laptop is my brew – coffee by day and red wine in the late evening.  It is the perfect setup.

My hubby’s desktop computer is to the left of mine – maybe east, no maybe west – whatever!  He reads the news. watches the stock market and plays games.  He is really into the slots, so it is a constant array of ringing, dinging, buzzing, mooing – yes MOOING, and other funky noises!  It’s hilarious and sometimes helpful, as the noises spark my energy, and other times very distracting.   By the way, I am on my third cup of coffee, with cinnamon.


Usually, our day is fairly peaceful, as we sit at our computers and whittle away our time.  But, NOT TODAY!  A storm is coming through, so the TV and cell phones are singing out their warnings.  It’s so very noisy and you would think, with all today’s technology, that these damn rowdy boxes could at least harmonize!!!  Good Grief!


In the meantime, our cat is laying between us and snoring.  Yes!  She snores and it is so cute.  We three are so useless, at times.  All of sudden, CRACK! and then BLAM!  The lights flicker and our cat jumped three feet in the air.  She is now under the couch.  I am getting more coffee and seriously thinking about a glass of red wine.  My hubby is cha-chinging with his slot games.  We are quite a lively group now.

To the right of our so called office area, is the back porch and, our friend, the tree.  If you have read my other blogs, you are familiar with, our friend, the tree.  Well, the tree is angry now because it doesn’t like the storm.  Its branches are swaying to and fro – maybe east and west or maybe north and south – I dunno!


The storm has subsided, for the time being, however, there is more coming our way.  Our cat is still hiding under the couch and I am pouring a glass of red wine.  Maybe it is a little early for wine, but it must be happy hour somewhere. 🙂

So, this is my spewing space, in all it’s glory, and where brilliancy should be born.  This is where intriguing and ingenious ideas should be occurring to spur me on with my writing.  Well, I am still waiting!  Did anyone hear me?  I AM STILL WAITING!

I believe it is time for another glass of wine.

Cheers! ☕☕





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  1. Once again, nice tree on the shelf. Also a very delightful story. I was laughing at the part about your husband’s slot machine games. Who plays that? lol.


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