Spewing About Beans, Grounds and Brew

Hi, all!  I am here to chat about my favorite brew, and I don’t mean beer.  I mean – I like beer, but it doesn’t live up to my love for coffee.

Besides waking up to that wonderful coffee aroma, that circles around your abode and drifts under your nose, there are other benefits that can be credited to coffee beans, coffee grounds and that steaming or iced Cup of Joe.


Whole Beans

  • Cover espresso beans in chocolate, which makes for a scrumptious chocolate treat.  There are many recipes and I found the one below pretty simple.

1/3 cup roasted coffee beans
1/2 cup chocolate chips
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler until liquid and smooth. Drop in a handful of beans, and stir them around. Scoop them out with a spoon, and set them out on waxed paper. Keep them separate. Continue until all the beans are covered.
They will harden overnight, or if you are in a hurry, you can freeze them for about half an hour. Once hard, they won’t stick together and can be stored in any air-tight container.

chocolate covered beans1

  • Use the beans artistically



  • Add class to candles

coffee and candles1

  • Send a bag as a gift to your favorite coffee loving relative or friend

coffee bean bag

Ground Beans

  • Scrub your kitchen –  the old grounds are mildly abrasive and acidic and do well as a cleaning scrub.  They help to eliminate difficult stains and spots.  Add a bit of water or soap in the mix and your counter tops, pots, and pans and stainless steel sinks will look as good as new!
  • Repel ant colonies and repel fleas – Spread some grounds in problems areas and ants no more.  For fleas, gently scrub your pet’s fur. which the grounds also help eliminate odor.
  • Super charge some compost – Ample amounts of phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium, and, depending on the age, nitrogen can be found in old coffee beans, which will super charge soil either by direct placement (short term results) or super charged compost (long term results).
  • Absorb odors in your car or your refrigerator – place a small open container in an area where it won’t get tipped over.  The grounds will absorb odors.
  • Wash your face with grounds – Yes!  the grounds make a great exfoliator.


  • Glossier hair – add extra-strong coffee to dry and clean hair and leave for about 20 min. Then rinse.  Repeat every 7 days.  Not recommended for blonds.
  • Perk up your meat – add a cup of black coffee to your stews about half way through the cooking process.  The meat and gravy will be dark and flavorful.

coffee in stews

  • Dye Easter eggs – one quart of strong brewed coffee and water gives the eggs a soft brown hue.

easter eggs dyed in coffee

Do you know what the best use for coffee is?  C’mon, of course you know – it’s drinking it!  Hmmm, you just can’t beat the aroma and that yummy coffee swirling in your cup.  Yeah, I know that not everyone loves coffee, so drink something else – tea, milk, juice, beer, wine, liquor – how about water?  Whatever your little heart desires, but I going for the gusto!


OMG, don’t waste that coffee!!  What was I thinkin?! 😦


So long everyone.  I on my way to have some more coffee.


Cheers!  ☕☕




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  1. I am reading this whilst drinking a cup of coffee☕
    Some very good tips, especially the one for hair care. I may try that out for myself!

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  2. Roxie is not happy with you at all. I read the tip about scrubbing her with coffee grounds for fleas and odor and she became highly indignant at the implication she’s buggy and stinky. She’s smells o.k. to me but there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s Buggy!

    Liked by 1 person

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