A Deliberate Sketchy Tale

Fl sky after storm 2015-08-23 20.16.53

Fl sky after storm 2015-08-23 20.17.29




It was close to the end of August and hot and muggy. Every day you can expect a torrential downpour and terrifying lightning with dancing streaks that light up the sky. Then there is the clamoring thunder that will shake you right out of your shoes. After the storm, things get back to some sort of normalcy, at least for some.


For others, the normalcy is yet to come and the waiting becomes more and more tedious as the day turns into evening and as evening turns into night.

The nights are short and sleep is hard to come by. Perhaps, it is a combination of nerves and exhaustion. Perhaps, it is disappointment and frustration. Whatever it is it becomes like an ongoing saga that doesn’t want to end. The hotel is clean and cozy and has a friendly feeling; however, the enjoyment has been taken away by the thought of the next day. Lack of sleep and thoughts laden with frustration and confusion do not make good for anyone’s well-being.

The next day has arrived and is a carbon copy of the day before. Still exhausted from the day before, attitudes start out anew with forced positivity and strength. It is like functioning on sheer guts alone.

Several long and drawn out days have passed and it looks like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Some help has arrived, which is a definite godsend. Little by little and inch by inch, the nightmare is starting to subside. However, there are still more hurdles to overcome.

A house left in shambles has started to come back to life. Days of cleaning, repairing and painting have made a once sad and pathetic house look happy and proud.  The remnants of lack of care have been replaced with a display of TLC.  The days of grueling and painstaking work are starting to come to a close.  The house will soon become a home.


This story is just another chapter in the ride of life. Some happenings in people’s lives are worse than others, no doubt.  But we all have our own rocky path to tread.


The story is deliberately sketchy and reference to the real people involved have been withheld to protect the innocent and/or the guilty.

Cheers!   ☕☕



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  1. Beautiful photos and thoughtful story! Loved the ending!

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  1. Are We There Yet? Are We Home Yet? – BrewNSpew

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