Month: October 2015

BrewNSpew Cafe-A Place for Chatter-old version

Please click the link for the newest version of the BrewNSpew Café BrewNSpew Cafe – new version *Hello everyone! The Tuesday Chatter Café has changed its name to BrewNSpew Café “There is nothing permanent except change”-Heraclitus Visit us any day of the week at the BrewNSpew Café, and […]

Who Are You?

What could be more enjoyable than a crisp fall day Captivating colors of amber, magenta, and gold Create a spellbinding sight as trees dance and sway We have not yet met, your story not yet been told. What a beautiful sight to behold; golden sunlight in your hair […]

Are You Gone?

I shouldn’t I wouldn’t have I couldn’t have done this To you Why should I Why would I have reason to I shouldn’t have hurt you this way, but It was an eerie dark night Your mind wrapped so tight I could see your eyes So full of […]

Blogging, A Way of Life – Award

Yes, I have won a second Blogger Recognition Award and I am honored!  I get excited about these awards because it is a great way to interact with other bloggers.   So, enough of my chit-chat, let’s get to the award. You must thank the person who nominated you […]

Should I Tell?

She hoped to be better with time She longed to sharpen her mind It saddened me to see her blue Never receiving credit when due Always hiding her lies in vain Her pitiful soul in unrelenting pain Her faded eyes revealing all She struggled so, to stand proud […]