Month: October 2015

It’s Halloween!

As I peer out the window, the weather is gray and dreary.  If I had my say, it would not be this way.  I feel weary. I feel sad.  I am not used to feeling so bad. So, what is… Read More ›

Sports, Blogging and Fall

As my husband paces between his computer and the TV, analyzing each and every team, players and plays, I have determined he is addicted to sports, especially football.  He is involved in a few Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball leagues. … Read More ›

Too Many Walls?

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton I believe this quote to be very appropriate for today’s state of affairs.  We have surrounded ourselves by walls to protect our families and ourselves.  Not only are walls… Read More ›

Who Are You?

What could be more enjoyable than a crisp fall day Captivating colors of amber, magenta, and gold Create a spellbinding sight as trees dance and sway We have not yet met, your story not yet been told. What a beautiful… Read More ›

Are You Gone?

  I shouldn’t I wouldn’t have I couldn’t have done this To you Why should I Why would I have reason to I shouldn’t have hurt you this way, but It was an eerie dark night Your mind wrapped so… Read More ›


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