Genius Among Geniuses

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself” Albert Einstein


A six-year-old can be pretty smart these days.   These little tykes have a greater chance of understanding technology than most 50-year-old adults.   Our younger generations are growing up with the newest devices, where adults are having to learn and may even struggle with the latest technology.

In my opinion, the meaning of the quote is that if you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t understand it yourself.

I believe you can substitute anyone and the six-year-old is just a hypothetical example.

The ability to simplify and condense the explanation is key.   You must have the knowledge of what to convey and you must be able to extract that knowledge.

Einstein was the most interesting man.

Did you know…

“Almost immediately after Albert Einstein learned of the atomic bomb’s use in Japan, he became an advocate for nuclear disarmament. He formed the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists and backed Manhattan Project scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer in his opposition to the hydrogen bomb.”*


Here is another quote from Albert Einstein that I also believe to be true.

“I Fear the Day That Technology Will Surpass Our Human Interaction”.


I read an article, via LinkedIn, which the gist of it was there was a LinkedIn meeting and the author of the article was attending the meeting.  While in the elevator, at the facility where the meeting was being held, he noticed everyone was on their phone rather than taking advantage of socializing by speaking to each other at a social event.  Mind Boggling!!!!  Einstein predicted this one, didn’t he?

Thank you to Patricia at for the opportunity to voice my opinion relating to her weekly quote challenge.   I enjoy quotes and this gives me the chance to add more quotes to my “quote bank”, plus have insight relating to the quote and gaining more knowledge about the author. in-other-words1





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