As I Sit Back


It is a gloomy day, here in Georgia, and the possibility of an approaching storm makes the day kind of eerie.  This touch of eeriness gives me a feeling that Halloween is tonight but it is only the fourth of October.

As I sit back with a cup of coffee, pondering what to write about, memories are drifting through my attic.  I refer to the space that houses my brain, my attic.   I am retired, you know, and have gained a growing interest in quotations.  I have written a few posts about quotations, some of which are on LinkedIn.


As I sip my coffee, my mind briefly is taking me back to when I was employed, which I quickly picked up the broom and swept those memories under the rug.  I’m just not in the mood to think about those days when I was being held captive in the corporate world.

That long chapter has finally passed and I am enjoying my so called golden years.  What!?  Whoever thought up that stupid term – golden years – had to be one card short of a full deck. There is nothing golden about them and by the way, there are no clouds with silver linings. I hope I didn’t break anyone’s bubble with this astounding news! You know the old saying or may be you don’t – the golden years have come at last, the golden years can kiss my arse.

golden years

Ah yes, the golden years. The time of life when you don’t have to endure the daily grind of work, the time to go on cruises or enjoy your cabin in the mountains, the time to take time for yourself. What a crock! I am bored and becoming high maintenance. The older you get, the more there is to maintain. There is nothing golden about them except the color I use in my hair.

Now, I am taking on another chapter in my life, trying to make the most of the golden years.  Perhaps, it’s time to make a few changes.  I have made a lot of u-turns during my years, more than I care to admit to, so why stop now – right?

Not too long ago, I wrote a post, on LinkedIn, that drew some very kind comments, which one of the commenters offered this excerpt from the poem “The Love-Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S.Elliot.

“measuring your life in coffee spoons”


I love this!  I am a coffee addict and can you imagine the number of coffee spoons in my life?  What an excellent way to measure my life, rather than in chapters.  I am truly sparked by this.  I learned a little bit more about myself today and I am not going to let those golden years pass me by.  No more whining about being bored – I promise.

I am so grateful to be able to spend time with my husband, our cat, and our friends. Maybe the golden years aren’t so bad after all.  The number of spoons measuring my life is countless.  I could fill an Excel spread sheet with them.

As I sit and sip my coffee, it is still a gloomy day.  But, that doesn’t bother me as I feel a new sense of a happier me, myself and I.





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  1. Loved this post! I actually laughed out loud – then had to read part of it to my husband who also laughed. Thanks so much! Hope your enjoy your next U-turn!

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  2. As a fellow coffee addict I like measuring my life in coffee spoons!

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  3. As a fellow retiree, I know how we have to realign our lives when there is no daily grind to keep us on track. Sometimes I even forget what day it is, but sometimes it really isn’t important to know. I’m glad you’re blogging. It’s nice to see your gravitar there in the comments under my posts. And I’m happy you’re here to visit and have a cup of coffee with no matter what day it is… Clare

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