Should I Tell?


She hoped to be better with time

She longed to sharpen her mind

It saddened me to see her blue

Never receiving credit when due

Always hiding her lies in vain

Her pitiful soul in unrelenting pain

Her faded eyes revealing all

She struggled so, to stand proud and tall

Chaos in her mind often trapped

A maze of confusion and not tightly wrapped

What about her fall?  Was it a clumsy trip?

Or a blurred mind losing its grip?

So you ask, where is she now?

I remember her fall all too well

Should I live a lie or should I tell?



image-lovethispic – public domain

10 responses to “Should I Tell?

  1. You are a very good poet! 🙂

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  2. So intriguing!

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  3. I found this one to be quite powerful. Well done.

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  4. wordscoffeeandlacedresses

    Wonderful poem; you clearly have a talent in poetry!

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