Too Many Walls?


“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton

I believe this quote to be very appropriate for today’s state of affairs.  We have surrounded ourselves by walls to protect our families and ourselves.  Not only are walls a sign of protection, they are a sign of separation.

I’m speaking of walls constructed of masonry or brick.  Walls without windows or doors. Walls meant to keep people out, or to keep people in?

What about the walls in our mind?  These walls can also be without windows or doors.  These walls can also keep people out, or keep people in.  These walls can also keep our inner self out, or our inner self in – do you not agree?

We may find we have separated ourselves from our family, our community, our job and our friends.  Unfortunately, we may have separated ourselves from ourselves!  We may experience feelings of loneliness and seclusion.  We may feel sad and disconnected.

I don’t believe these feelings are healthy and can lead us down to a road of unhappiness.  What are your thoughts?

So, we should ask ourselves, are there walls that should be torn down?  Which ones?  How should we reconnect?  A door or a window or perhaps, a bridge?

Doors and windows open and close.  Bridges join and connect.  Bridges can span a short distance or a long distance.  Bridges offer flexibility in connection or re-connection.

Yes, bridges are the best option, by far.  Now that we have made that determination or, at least it is a consideration, we must take some precautionary measures.

What bridges are in need of repair and/or should new bridges be constructed?  As we go through life, our bridges may start to deteriorate and are in need of our attention.  Also, as we go through life, there are most likely changes that have occurred or are occurring, that we must address.  New and stronger, state of the art bridges may be needed.  Maybe it is time to tear down the old bridges and start anew.

In my opinion, we do build too many walls as we want to feel safe and secure.  We want that layer of protection and comfort.  Maybe we don’t want to admit it, but we also may like to feel separated – from society and/or from ourselves.

Wel,l we can put in a door or a window, can’t we?  But a door and a window are more of an open and shut situation.  A bridge is not as uncompromising and offers joining and connection.  A bridge offers a span and a broader range of choices.

If we feel the need to build walls, whether they be masonry or brick, or whether they be mental, then let’s use some common sense and plan an evacuation route.  I don’t know about you but I say we need more bridges.

A door is okay but may offer only one way.  A window might open, but what if it is broken?

A bridge is my option and should be no surprise, as long as I cross before the flood waters rise.

Thank you, Patricia, at for offering this Wednesday challenge.  It is a great way to boost that inspiration we sometimes need.  Be sure to drop by and delve in the  – In Other Words – challenge.





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  1. I think we are becoming a society of walls. I believe this is partly because fear is fed by most of the media. There are those that are building bridges, but we don’t hear much of them unless there is controversy about what they are doing or something goes wrong, again usually fed by the media. Walls are needed and as you say they need doors and windows and bridges are needed to span the differences we have so we can meet for conversation, mediation and reconciliation.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts at In Other Words. You have brought up some important things and asked great questions.

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  2. Walls or no walls..the crisis within that we seldom think about.

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