It’s Halloween!


As I peer out the window, the weather is gray and dreary.  If I had my say, it would not be this way.  I feel weary. I feel sad.  I am not used to feeling so bad.

So, what is this all about?  Am I just going to sit here and pout?  Or, am I going to figure this out?  I must try!  I have to know why!

My favorite time of the year.  It is finally drawing near.  You must know what I mean.  It is Halloween!

As I peer out my window, I see falling rain.  The wind is blowing and there is a strong lack of knowing.  Do I feel pain?

It’s probably just me.  These feelings will soon fade away.  For the moment, I must keep them at bay.

Lo and behold, I know the reason! It is not the fall season.  It is not the rain nor the wind.

As I peer out the window, I notice the tree.  You know, the tree that I have referenced in my other blogs?  Well, yesterday the tree was dressed.  Leaves of light gold adorned its branches that reached toward the sun.

But not now, my friend.   The beauty of the tree, as I once knew, has come to an end.  The glorious leaves have been blown away by the huffing and puffing of the wind.  My tree is stressed.  It is sadly depressed.

As I peer out the window, I don’t care.  So, the tree is bare!  It is Halloween!  The rain and the wind have stopped.  The stars are shining.  The moon is aglow.  The soft nighttime light sifts through the strong but delicate branches.  It seems the tree is wearing a halo.


As we sit on the porch sipping coffee, we admire the tree in its fragile state. It seems to have renewed its pride.  It is learning to take what comes its way, in its stride.  It now knows that life is a ride.

What is that?! Something flew by the moon?  A witch on a broom?  Now, it is truly Halloween!  Wispy ghostly images float through the air making the hair stand up on my arms.  They mean no harm.


It is truly an eerie sight and we are amused by the night.  Our tree is all aglow as if it knows, it is putting on a show.  It is finally Halloween!

Cheers! 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃


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  1. I love how this is written! Happy Halloween. 🙂

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