Only Time Will Tell


As I gaze steadfastly into the depths of the forest, I feel the need to linger.

I have never been here before or have I?  I don’t recall and perhaps, my memory has failed me once again.  I feel anxious and I feel a sense of fear clouding my mind.

My curiosity is running wild and my heart is racing like it wants to escape from me.  I have goosebumps on my arms and my knees feel weak and jittery.  I feel frozen in time.  Tick tock, Tick tock.

But, when in time?  Was, or is my presence in a different life form?  Am I living in reality now or was I living in reality then?

I need to know before I go.  Tick tock, tick tock.

Maybe, I was a cat with beautiful golden eyes and black luxurious fur.  I ruled the forest with my aloofness and persnickety ways.  I chased floating leaves and searched for my treasured ray of sunshine.  Oh, what a glorious life that would be?  Could it have been me?  Please, someone, help me.

As I gaze into the woods, am I looking into the past or am I looking into the future?     Only time will tell.  Tick tock, tick tock.




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  1. Love it! X

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  2. Wonderful! Love the cat’s perspective.

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