My Space is my Place


My space where I write is where I spew, of course! And as I am spewing, I sip on my brew, meaning my coffee. I love coffee, black with a touch of cinnamon, pumpkin spice and nutmeg. Coffee is a must have to clear the cobwebs from my attic. I refer to my head as my attic. There are times when it is pretty busy in the attic – some thoughts are old, some thoughts are new. Some thoughts are just waiting to unfold and others should not be told.


My device is a laptop, about five years old now. We have accomplished a lot together in our travels and at home. I was able to upgrade to Win 10 with no problems, and thoroughly enjoy the new features offered. I am very picky about my electronics and become annoyed if they don’t work properly.

My laptop resides on a bakers rack, which I am guestimating has been with me about 25 years. It has survived several moves and fared quite well without too many scratches. The bakers rack is an attractive piece, made out of oak, and it is a rich brown color. It is equipped with shelves, which work well with my laptop, printer and desk items. Also, it works especially well with providing a space for my coffee, right next to the laptop.

spewing space

My writing space is a cozy space, which I adore coziness. I sense a feeling of warm and fuzzy along with security in my space. I believe one’s writing space has an impact on one’s thoughts, which are reflected in what is penned.

I don’t use any materials, other than the laptop. I have an array of browsers and programs installed, which I use in my daily activities. I use my reliable little friend every day – first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Addicted? Perhaps!

My writing habits are no different than my other habits. I am a fairly organized person and like everything at my fingertips, when I set out to accomplish something. I try to be relaxed in order for my thoughts to easily flow, however, there are times when I hit a brick wall.

To sum it up, I am in my comfort zone as I sit in my space trying to bring magic to my thoughts and fruition to my words.

I am open to writing about any subject, except I prefer not to write about religion and politics. Those subjects are better left to those that are knowledgeable in those areas and enjoy voicing their opinions.

Please stop by and visit Tuesday Chatter where you can chat about anything and everything.




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  1. Great post and interesting. I’ll check out your new feature!


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