Dear Friend


Dear Friend,

Let’s begin with our morning rituals.  I know by now, that sets the precedent as to how our day is going to play out.  Once I awaken, my much-needed starter upper is first and foremost in my mind.  As I stumble to the kitchen, I push that little button which is my jolt button for my day.


Ah, that wonderful sound of brewing coffee, not to mention the aroma.  I can’t wait to have that first hot, steaming cup of joe.

So, here we are together again, my friend, as we have been many times before.  Sorry, I don’t have time this morning for chatting about days of yore.  There will be plenty of time for that later.  You know I will never let you down as I enjoy our chats.  Perhaps, it will be a bright sunny afternoon, and we can sit, sip and enjoy the warmth on the porch.

I need to get to work, as I have a lot on my plate today.  I have my Day 8 assignment for WordPress that I must tackle this morning.   The assignment is to blog in a letter form, and I find myself having difficulty in deciding on a subject.  Dear who?  Dear me, meaning a letter to myself?  Dear You?  Dear Politician?  Dear Hubby, I love you.  Dear Amanda (cat), I love you too.  They are so spoiled, my hubby and my cat.  But, can you see my dilemma – too many choices!

I have considered – Dear Mom and Dad, I will always love you and I miss you dearly, on this Veterans Day.  My dad was a Veteran and my mom passed away 42 years ago today.  I couldn’t bring myself to continue with this letter, as the words just wouldn’t flow.  Even though their passing was long ago, they will forever be in my mind and in my heart, and I’ll leave it at that.



To ease my mind and move forward, I thought more about that special cup of enjoyment in life because it is memorable of those very special people in my life.  My hubby loves coffee, and we enjoy our times spent together with our cup of brew.  My mom and dad, yes they both loved coffee, as well.  It is evident some of my fondest memories are attached to times spent with my loved ones while enjoying our coffee.


I am taking this opportunity to express my appreciation for them and to say thank you for being a wonderful part of my life.


No matter where we are, in life, we will always be together.

Sending hugs and love,




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  1. Life is truly too short for those of us enjoying the journey. Memories centered around the taste, smell, color, the warm feel of something delicious. A wonderful beginning to the first day of the rest of your life.

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    • Thank you. I found it difficult to reflect on the loss of my mom, even though a long time ago. So, I kept that part of the blog short. I even revised the blog and renamed it. In the first version, the words didn’t flow and it seemed shallow for what I trying to convey.


      • As you know, my blog is about losing my mom. I’ve written letters to her before and was thinking of writing one again, but am choosing a different path. Monday is the 7 year anniversary of my mom’s death.I didn’t read your previous version – work is keeping me away from the commons – but I love the letter I did read.

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      • Thank you and yes, I read your blog about losing your mom. It is beautiful.

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  2. I enjoyed this blog. Well written. I also love my cup of coffee in the morning. Mine is a bit more primitive though, kettle, instant coffee. I think I need to buy myself a coffee percolator as I love the aroma of brewed coffee. Sorry for your loss. It is never easy to say goodbye to anybody who you love and miss.

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