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It’s Tuesday afternoon, and I am adding my first chat to my Tuesday Chatter event where you can chat about anything and everything.  Please stop by and visit me at https://amanpan.com/category/tuesday-chatter/.

This is the first day I have seen the sun in I don’t how long.  I live close to Atlanta, which we have been inundated with rain for 2 weeks.  To add to our woes, there are fall leaves on the ground, and they have become mushy and extremely slippery.


So, what to do on these gray days?  Going outside to run errands is an immediate bad hair day!  Also, have you noticed how people drive when it is raining?  OMG!   Do they act like this when it is not raining?  It’s only water folks!  You’re not going to melt!  Hey, I am already in this parking space – excuse me but 1 car to a space, please!!  The drama of it all makes you want to order everything, including groceries, from Amazon.

While I am on the subject of rain and Amazon, and since we are amidst seasonal changes, I get this urge to shop online.  Does this happen to you too?  Please tell me it does and that I am not alone in my craziness.

I made a rule for myself, a long time ago, that if new stuff comes in, old stuff goes out.  Hmmm, I can’t say that I abide by my rule all of the time, but, sometimes I do.

I found some really great clothes online and decided to take an inventory of my closet before I got too involved in ordering.  Some my clothes are to my liking and I enjoy adding to or replacing items, in order to make my wardrobe more fun.  I am retired, however, I’m not dead and I love fashion, and I love to dress.  I love to accessorize with scarves, hats and interesting jewelry.


My wardrobe is casual as our activities are cruising around, hanging out, antique shopping and day or weekend trips.  Yep, we never grew out of our love “to be cool”, which leads to one of my questions posed in my Tuesday Chatter https://amanpan.com/category/tuesday-chatter/.

What are your favorite things to wear?  Jeans. IMO, jeans are the ultimate of cool!  They go with anything and can be worn in any season.  My other love is leggings.  There are so many ways to put together looks with jeans and leggings.  Also, they are perfect clothes for travel.

If you cleaned out your closet, what would you donate or throw away?  I just filled a bag, with “I am so tired of this” or “it has seen better days”, clothing, etc.  I am sticking to my rule and feel I deserve a pat on the back.  Thank you.

What is your favorite car?  Bad question for me to try and answer, as my taste can vary from time to time. As long as they are fun and fast, work properly and are safe, I like them.

What is your favorite color?  Black

What is your favorite food?  Chocolate

What is your favorite beverage?  Coffee

Why do you blog?  To communicate creatively

Miscellaneous useless or useful information?  I am going to share a coffee recipe

 Hot Buttered Coffee Recipe

1 heaping tablespoon of Kerrygold Butter
2 cups of coffee
Optional: 1 tablespoon of agave
and/or 1 tablespoon of coconut oil*

Heat the container you are going to froth your coffee and butter in with hot boiling water. Dump the water.

Put the coffee and the butter into a hot mug or hot blender. Wait 10-15 seconds for the butter to butter melt. If adding sweetener, add it before blending the beverage. Froth the coffee (either with a hand held frother or a blender). Serve immediately.

Credit: http://www.foodwoolf.com/2013/06/buttered-coffee.html






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4 replies

  1. Was planning on chatting here today but it’s been a long day. Chat with you tomorrow.

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  2. I’m with you, jeans are an absolute favorite. Sometimes I even wear them to the office, combining them with a chique jacket. Strange though that some people feel that your brain power is influenced at work by my wearing jeans!

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    • During my last 2 years of work, we were permitted to wear jeans every day. We were insurance underwriters in a high rise building in Atlanta. We did not greet the public, however, were in professional positions. We loved it and it was determined our production actually increased. I love the look of a good looking jacket and jeans.

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      • What a great idea your company had! Over here it’s neither approved nor disapproved, so I use it at my own discretion. But it does annoy me that some people automatically think that your brains have gone out the window when you wear jeans!

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