Our Night Out

The weather couldn’t be much worse.  It was murky and drizzly all day.  It was obvious I was going to have a bad hair day.  I kept interrupting my computering and chores by continuously tracking the weather channels.  I was so hoping it would clear by the evening.

We had a big night out planned.  A celebration, which we felt was so well deserved.

The rain continued and the softly falling pitter patter became an unwelcome pounding of large droplets of water.  I finally came to terms, with myself, that I was going to not let this ugly weather ruin our evening.  We were meeting with a very good friend and wanted everything to be picture perfect.

I decided that I better determine what I was going to wear.  Such a dilemma I had on my hands.  I wanted to look nice and not look like a drowned rat by the time we arrived at the restaurant.  I opted for black leggings, my black Uggs and a tunic length turtle neck.  I accessorized with a colorful scarf, which I love scarves.  They add so much interest to an outfit, and I wanted to wrap myself in some colors to offset those bluesy feelings that sometimes come with bad weather.  I topped my outfit off with a black, hooded raincoat and I was ready for the deluge of water falling from the sky.



So, we set out for the restaurant amidst the pouring rain, which now the weather has worsened.  We are under a flood watch!  We are under a tornado watch!  Good Grief!!  We found the restaurant doesn’t open until five, so we drove across the highway to our favorite pub to kill some time.  Our friend was running late due to the weather  – so far, so good.  After a nice and calming cocktail, we again set out for the restaurant.  This restaurant was a new experience for us and fared well with reviews, and was highly suggested by several friends.

By this time, the highway resembled the Hooch river.  It was a maze of snarled traffic combined with flowing water.  To add to the mess, those with normally good driving skills are becoming tested by those that don’t drive so well in inclement weather.

We made it!  Hooray!!  Now mind you, we are not in the restaurant yet.  And guess what?  There is no easy access from the parking lot to the restaurant.  Much to our dismay, it is quite a trek and flooded.

At last, we are inside and greeted very warmly by the hosts.  We were led to the bar, which is dimly lit and most welcoming.  Our friend arrives and she is a bit wet, but maintaining her composure after her grueling drive.

Ah, it was so worth it.  We forgot about the stormy weather and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the warm cozy atmosphere.  Imbibing in wine and relishing every bite of the excellent food.  Added to our enjoyment was excellent conversation with our friend, as well as the cheerful bartenders.


As it turned out, all and all it was a glorious experience, which we will always cherish.  We didn’t let the mean side of mother nature ruin our celebration!

I can’t wait for us to celebrate again, however, next time I will consult with mother nature.  Perhaps, she will be in a better mood and show the good side of her complex personality.  Maybe if I send her a memo?





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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ― Maya Angelou

9 thoughts on “Our Night Out

  1. This morning I went for a run (again). After 2 minutes I thought, “I should go back home, it is too stormy, I can’t breath”… but kept on running. I wanted to do my route twice. So when I run uphill for the x-time, I thought “I don’t think I can make it another round with under those weather conditions”… but I kept on running and made it twice in the end and even raced home! What for a great feeling! Next weekend I will make it 3 times- never mind the weather!

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  2. A good thing you didn’t let the weather ruin what turned out to be a great evening. I loved reading your story. Oh, and I love scarves too! I have several, all kinds of colors and patterns. They are the best to accessorize with!

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