As I Sip My Coffee


As I sip my coffee, there is a fire in the fireplace. The flames dance and dazzle. It is a lovely fire emitting warmth and light and a perfect setting for me to write. I may even make some New Year’s resolutions. Then, maybe I won’t. I never keep them anyway. My friend the tree looks cold and bare.
As I sip my coffee, it is still cold outside. The snow is blanketing the ground and beautiful as it glistens, catching light from the elusive sunshine. The fireplace is aglow and inviting and a perfect setting to write. I made a couple of New Year’s resolutions with the thinking – one step at a time and to my own self, be true. My friend the tree is dressed in pure white and quite stunning.
As I sip my coffee, a chill is still in the air. The snow is slowly melting, as it waters the earth. From earth to sky, and from the sky to earth. I made that up but perhaps, it has been said before. The fireplace is lit and maybe I’ll write a poem. I am keeping up with one of my New Year’s resolutions. I’m not ready to divulge what it is. You know, in case I don’t keep up with what I resoluted (I just made up this word and sort of like it). My friend the tree has sprouted a few buds.
As I sip my coffee, the amazing feeling of spring is in the air. It’s still chilly, but the sun is shining and bringing life to the earth as plants and trees reach for the sky. There is a fire in the fireplace making the room cozy and warm. Maybe I will write – one of my resolutions, you know. My friend the tree is covered with delicate pink flowers and seems to be smiling.
As I sip coffee, it is beautiful outside. What an amazing time for mother earth, at least in my part of the world. Flowers and trees are in bloom as if to be donning their finest jewelry. No need to put a log in the fireplace today. In fact, the windows are open bringing in freshness and the scents of spring. I feel like writing. A whole new world awaits me, and I am taking advantage of every moment. By the way, I’m still keeping up with my New Year’s resolution. My friend the tree is ablaze with limey green leaves.
As I sip coffee, I can’t believe I’m halfway through the year. My birthday is this month! My, how time flies. I don’t want to think about it– at least not today. I may write about it, because my days of yore may make a good story or two – maybe more. I can fill in the cracks with some really juicy stuff. You know, some intrigue and mystery for my readers. My friend the tree is full and its leaves are a very pale yellow – emitting a sunshiny glow.
As I sip my coffee, it’s warm and humid. The sun has taken over with its glowing rays so warm and bright. Children are outside playing and the pool is packed with sunbathers and swimmers. It’s a long weekend as we celebrate the Fourth of July. I feel like I should write something patriotic. Maybe I’ll write a patriotic story about this special time in my country. And, in case you are interested, I am still keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions. My friend the tree is in dressed in bright green large leaves and exceptionally beautiful.
As I sip my coffee, it is quite warm outside and in fact, it’s downright hot. Not much goes on in August. A lot of people take a vacation this time of the year. The pool is still busy with children frolicking and teenagers sunning themselves. I am sitting on the back porch getting ready to write. I really need some inspiration today. My friend the tree is still full of itself, with its summer attire.


As I sip coffee, I didn’t realize that September weather can be a carryover from August – so hot and humid. The sun is shining brightly and bearing down on the flowers and trees. Our ground coverings are in need of water and a good rain is truly welcomed. The children are getting ready for back to school and those familiar yellow buses are everywhere. Traffic is snarled and patience is wearing thin for the commuters. I’m glad I don’t have a long commute anymore. Those days are behind me, now that I am retired. I think I’ll write about my freedom from the corporate world. Oh, and I am keeping up with my New Year’s resolutions. My friend the tree is still full and lush and getting ready for the change.
As I sip my coffee, I think about how much I love this month. October is my favorite month. The leaves are changing and the air becomes somewhat cooler. Towards the end of the month, the air is crisp and the wind has a bite to it. Fall festivals are popping up everywhere enticing people to get outside and mingle. Of course, there are pumpkins upon pumpkins, which I adore pumpkins. Every beverage and food product is now laced with pumpkin spice. I love it! I am very inspired to write during this time of the year. Our friend the tree is has changed its attire in keeping with the seasonal change. Its leaves are taking on a golden hue.
As I sip my coffee, I am sitting on the back porch and enjoying the crisp weather. I enjoy cold weather and I like to bundle up. Cold weather fashions and lit fireplaces add to the cozy feelings of the season. Hmm, time to write. So, here I am in the eleventh month of the year and I am still working on my New Year’s Resolution- the ongoing saga. My friend the tree is in a most glorious form. It is swathed in gold, magenta and brown with a touch of burnt orange. I find it amazing that Mother Nature can reflect such beauty but can quickly turn ugly as well. Mother Nature is undoubtedly fickle and has to kick up her heels every now and then – just to show us she’s the boss.
As I sip my coffee, I can’t believe it is already the end of the year. Where has this year gone? Time flies when you are having fun – right? The Holidays are here and everyone is busily scurrying around trying to do what they do at this time of the year. People seem a bit stressed around the Holidays, and did you notice some people are more caring and giving than usual. I don’t understand why people can’t be caring and giving all year – why just during the Holidays?

By the way, there is a fire in the fireplace and I feel the urge to write! There is something about a fireplace that brings on a feeling of coziness and security. Well, I made it through the year by keeping up with my New Year’s Resolution. I am so proud of myself that I actually reflected on the past, the present and the future by writing at least once a week, if not more. I also kept up with my exercise routine, as well. Hooray!

My friend the tree has again changed its attire and this winter has proven to be a gorgeous time for the tree. Its branches are laden with sparkling snow, and the tree has taken on a completely different personality – absolutely stunning.
As I sip my coffee and thinking back on this year I am very appreciative of what I see and hear. There are times I block out the doom and gloom projected by the media. Why dwell on bad news! It’s a waste of energy, in my opinion. A cup of coffee, a fireplace, and a beautiful tree are all I need to brighten my day.


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  1. What a lovely perspective of a year. I especially like the positive reflection at the end. I agree about the gloom and doom closing in – I don’t check the news in the winter. Good writing!


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