Month: December 2015

About Me

  Today, one of my fellow bloggers asked if I had an About Me page. I sifted through by blogs and didn’t find where I had a separate page dedicated to me, myself and me. If I had one, it… Read More ›

Forgive and Forget

Worldwide, 2015 has been quite a tumultuous year. I am not going to rehash the events from this past year. If you don’t keep up with what “goes on” via the media, perhaps you are better off. So, I say… Read More ›

Tuesday Chatter 7

Tis the eve before the eve Why should I believe in someone I can’t see in someone I can’t hear in someone I can’t feel Are you playing a trick? my dear friend, St. Nick? When will I know if… Read More ›

I Want To Be

  “The Christmas tree is the dot on the “i”.” Frank Taylor I was just a seed mind you, not a weed I want to grow and to glow I want to be beautiful and strong I want to fill… Read More ›


Since this is my second time around taking Blogging 201, I thought it would be a great idea to backtrack to the blog I previously wrote addressing goals. Here is the excerpt from my previous blog, written Sept. 14, 2015:… Read More ›

Please Hit Send

Please send an invitation to CHEER  Any time of the year. Remember this word? You must have heard  It uttered before Perhaps in times of yore? Lest it not be forgotten A feeling of awe begotten. You know, if you’re… Read More ›