Fun, fun, fun

Customizing is fun, fun, fun.  The best way is to set up a test site.  I go crazy with colors and thingamajigs.  I have tweaked my site so many times, I am surprised it didn’t go, Poof!


I find it better to do a little at a time.  Once you find your niche and/or your niche finds you, then find a theme that compliments your work.  This can also work another way – meaning the theme you select inspires you to find a direction you like. By the way, if you change it a hundred times – that’s okay.  I have made many a u-turn in my life, so one more isn’t going to matter much to me.

Whatever you do, make it yours.  Your brand is you, yourself and you.



Words beautiful and fragile

like delicate eggs in a nest

waiting to be born




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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ― Maya Angelou

9 thoughts on “Fun, fun, fun

  1. I’m still playing with my site…can’t seem to add a second column even though I do what the instructions say…or at least how I interpret the instructions. There in may be the problem.


  2. I agree colour explosions are great and reflect different things for different people. As you say though the site is yours so let the colours flow within.

    I’m not sure that I’m there yet but life is a working progress at times. 😉

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    1. Yes it is. I just tweaked mine a little more. I am trying to get all of my social media to have a similar look. I also changed my Gravatar, again.


  3. I have changed themes several times. I check the new ones out every once in a while and play around with them. It’s always fun to see what peeps come up with for their blogs.

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    1. Yes, some peeps are very talented and make the most of their theme. It takes a while to figure it out and to make it work with your style of writing.


      1. Strange…when I checked the link it was right but when I clicked on it it went to March 24. I redid the link and it seems ok. So sorry!


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