I Want To Be

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“The Christmas tree is the dot on the “i”.”
Frank Taylor



just a seed

mind you, not a weed

I want to grow and to glow

I want to be beautiful and strong

I want to fill your room with twinkling light

I want your Christmas Eve to be a beautiful night

I want to be beautiful and strong; let nothing go wrong

I want to be adorned with baubles and beads, and remember, please

I am here for you, so don’t be blue

I want a smile, please don’t cry

I want to be the dot on the “i”

 My post is dedicated to – In Other Words at Patricia’s Place  





 Images: http://www.lovethispic.com/


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23 replies

  1. Love it! So clever the way you formatted the post. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words.

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  2. Really like this–tremendously creative.

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  3. Very well written. I love good prose. It makes you feel like the Christmas tree is talking to you out loud, sharing wonderful Christmas thoughts.

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  4. 🙂 the time of the year is here again.

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  5. This is a wonderful poem! Thanks so much for sharing it.

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  6. A beautiful poem. But ten, a beautiful site. I find your blog design very attractive-the header, colours, everything. Could you take a minute to help me. I wanted different pages on my blog to help organize my site, as you have done. I went to appearance, menu, made new pages and put different posts under them. When I viewed my page, though, the post came up as a drop down menu. not as full posts as yours are. I have tried many things. Do I just copy and past the posts to the page? Maybe it is my theme. Any ideas?

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    • Hi, I use the Canard theme and found this theme is very versatile and fits what I like to do.

      First, it offers a Header Image (banner at the top), as well as your logo image. It also offers the option where the background can be any color you choose, which there are multiple color schemes. Of course, there are choices for different fonts, as well.

      These options are in the Customization portion of the theme. Also, Widgets and Menus are in this portion of the theme.

      Second, in the Edit portion of the theme, it offers a featured image, which is why I really like this theme. I use a different featured image for each blog, which sets them apart. Of course you can add other images throughout the blog. I don’t use pages or a static page, but I do use menus.

      I have tweaked it and tweaked it, as I have learned more. I think the real key is the theme. I have another site and I was trying to use a different theme and gave up. I switched it to the Canard theme, as well.

      I hope this helps and let me know if you have more questions. I don’t mind helping. Your blog looks very nice, by the way.

      I can try to work with your theme in my test site to see how it works. I switched my theme from Choco to Canard a while back and thought everything would get out of kilter, but it worked for the most part.


      • Thank you so much foe taking the time to answer. I have already switched to the Canard theme and i do like it. One problem though is when I put in the header my logo disappeared. I don’t really mind thought because the header and logo were based on the same photo so it would be redundant to have both there. I will be playing more with it and if I have more questions I will take you up on your offer and seek your advice. Take a look at my new look. https://wonderfulwordsblog.wordpress.com/ One more question. How did you get that background colour? I had to choose from the featured ones. I couldn’t choose a custom colour.

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      • I looked at your new look. I love it! It looks very organized and compliments your images.

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      • Very nicely done. It makes me want to make some changes, too. Clare

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  7. Are you on the Premium Plan? I believe you have to be on the Premium plan to have more color options.



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