This post is setting up a menu for Copyscape.  I don’t copy work of others, as that is defeating my purpose of creativeness.  I expect the same in return.





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  1. How do you use these. Do you paste it on a post, on your home page, etc. Do you mean that you don’t reblog or want someone to reblog your posts? My husband tells me I should copyright Buddy’s little Christmas cat stories on his blog. Does this somehow serve that purpose?


    • I save them to my hard drive. I have files set up for my images. When I want to use the saved image, I insert it into my blog. I don’t think Copyscape is as protective as a copyright. All it does it keep others from copying your work. It is a deterrent to keep others from copying your work and claiming it as theirs. Reblogging is okay. You may want to consider copyrighting. I see where several bloggers that have copyrighted their work.


      • It is. We put a lot of work into what we write. I believe in honoring that. Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve developed a huge respect for copy rights. Each poem that I write is my baby. I would not want to see any of them copyrighted or plagiarized in any form. On the other hand, we’re all a source of inspiration for each other – in and outside of the blogospere. If I can inspire, that’s an entirely different matter. In which case, I’d be honored 🙂


  2. I agree and I have been toying with the idea of copyrighting my work. Our words can inspire and if another gains ideas from this, I am okay with it. If it is a copy/paste, then I am not. I have seen plagiarism a few times on LinkedIn. One instance stands out as it was so obvious and discovered by the original author. The copycat was caught and heavily criticized by the LinkedIn community. He copy and pasted an article written for Forbes, and claimed he was the author. A major whoops! I found that the blogging community is very supportive of each other, no matter which platform is being used.


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