About Me

Hello Everyone!

Here’s just a little bit about me!

I was born and raised in Orlando, FL, where I lived for 32 years before moving to the South Florida area. I spent a few years in Ft. Lauderdale and then trekked across the state to Tampa, FL  I didn’t care for Tampa, because I’m an east coast gal, and I moved back to the South Florida area where I lived for 10 years.

After a life-changing event, which was only the beginning of several major changes in my life, I moved to Marlton, NJ. I stayed for 2 years and then returned to Florida, residing in Jacksonville, FL. From there I was relocated to Atlanta, GA by my employer.

I spent 40+ years in the corporate world and retired in 2012. My career industry was commercial insurance where I was an underwriter – yep, one of those people that analyze risks in order to place insurance coverage with an insurance company.

There was a time when I worked a couple of side jobs. One of my side gigs was modeling. While I lived in Orlando, FL, Disney World was being constructed, which created various opportunities in modeling and other forms of entertainment. The other gig was a fleeting activity as a cocktail waitress, which was fun but not my cup of tea. So, I remained in the insurance industry because it was my bread and butter, which carried me until I retired.

my modeling days

To make a very long story short, my last employer was repositioning themselves, which resulted in closing locations and transferring those employees willing to relocate. My family, which consists of my husband, Paul and our cat, Amanda moved to Atlanta, GA.

Amanda – 3/31/2001 to 1/30/2020
Callie – adopted 2/14/2020

Well, we found Georgia a delightful place to live and made it our permanent home. We love to trek to quaint little mountain towns, which are only an hour away from our cozy little abode. The drive is lovely, and we love to take in the scenery along the way. Eventually, we want to own a cabin in one of the several small towns we enjoy.

sunrise in Blue Ridge, GA
Main Street retailer, Blue Ridge, GA
Boro Inn, Blue Ridge, GA
Chattahoochee River, Helen, GA
Helen, GA (downtown)
Three Dog Night concert, Hiawassee, GA – Feb. 2019
St. Patrick’s Day 2019, Boro Inn, Blue Ridge, GA
original_file_lock (1)
my hubby, Paul, in Blue, our 1964 Ford Galaxie
me, August 2019
me, 2020

Good coffee is a way of life

  please visit my other blog PoetryPalette

A gander at me –

I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for me to follow my dreams by doing things I enjoy…spending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling and writing poetry. My fulfillment comes from encouraging others to achieve their goals.

My writing and creative endeavors can be found at my blogs, Eugi’s Causerie https://amanpan.com/ and PoetryPalette https://amanpan.blog/, where I have gathered a following of kindred souls who share my passion for writing.

I am the author of e-books, “Fanciful Delights”; and “Mama, me and Mother Nature”. My time is also spent as a Brand Ambassador for beBee.com, a social website based in Madrid, Spain.

Amazon Author Page link – amazon.com/author/francieugeniahoffman


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin


images – featured image – lovethispic.com

other images – personal property

revised – 9/27/2019

227 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you. I am glad this was brought to my attention. I have not used pages and didn’t realize that my older About Me was set up as as a Page. So, I learned something through the process. The modeling was fun. I lived in Orlando, Fl, at the time, and got a lot of jobs including parts as an extra because of Disney World.

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      • You’re kidding! Unknowingly we have been very close over the years. Orlando has been our favorite holiday destination since 1998, and I think we’ve been there some 10 times since then. And of course, visits always include Disney World!

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      • Disney is a fun place for every age. It was fun growing up in Orlando. I moved from Orlando to Miami at 30 and moved around many times after that.

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  1. Oh, ain’t the About Me page tricky? I don’t really have one either. Just some stuff in my Gravatar profile and vague plans to get myself on Facebook. Is it a generational thing? When I was a youngster, talking about yourself was The Worst Thing You Could Possibly Do.

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  2. I really enjoyed this and enjoyed learning more about you. Thanks for sharing. I have a hard time sharing about myself. I never know what to share or if people even really want to know! This was nicely shared, my friend. Hug.

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  3. I know my ‘about me’ page disappeared when rejigged the theme of my blog page. It seemed to take me a little while to figure out how to get it back.
    Enjoyed the insight of ‘about’ you – enjoy your next adventure.

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  4. I always read the About Me pages. I am glad you wrote yours, interesting with the surprise that you were a model. Don’t know why it should surprise me but it did. Now I have to look at my About Me page, it probably needs an update.

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    • Thank you and I guess the modeling surprised a few. Of course, my avatar, etc. don’t reveal much about me. I try to avoid sharing too much, mainly to ward off trolls, etc. I have encountered a few on LinkedIn, which is supposed to be a business-oriented social network. Well, it is for the most part but there are always the few that you have to look out for.

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      • I am the same, although I do at times post some pretty personal stuff. Only once did I have a problem and had to block someone.
        I have a post for Tuesday Chatter that I just published I don’t see a place to link this week. I just did a general link to your site.

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      • I am still trying to make the red cup my link. Maybe I can figure it out today. Otherwise, I insert the link from the event page.


  5. This was a great way to warm up my day. The snows have arrived in RI!. It’s nice to learn more about someone you already like so much. Charley and I travel to Florida at least once a year. I’ll make sure you know the next time we are heading south. Stay warm!

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  6. Hey Sarca, mind if I ask you a question? A month ago I changed my my wordpress.com site over to a self hosted site. I transferred my wordpress followers over (you are one of course!) and I was wondering: do you still receive notifications from WordPress reader about my new blogs? I’m curious, as I saw you had followed my site again! I’m afraid transferring to wordpress.org meant that followers don’t get updates anymore! Thanks, Yvonne

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Yvonne. I was not getting your notifications until today. When I accessed your site through your email today, I got Oops, That page can not be found! I thought I was a subscriber but subscribed again just to be sure. Your comment to Sarca was in my site, however, I wanted to let you know I may be having the same issue.

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      • Yeah, I’d asked her the same question. I only found out yesterday that even though you can easily move your followers to your new wordpress.org site, and the blogs do still appear in the Reader, people don’t get a notification anymore! Horrible…it would seem you have to subscribe through email to still get notifications. Sorry about the inconvenience…

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  7. Hello, I came upon your blog through Lynz Real Cooking and I’m so glad I did. Being that the weather in our neck of the woods is in the single digits, seeing the cozy fireplace on your post “What, No Coffee?” was comforting. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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      • I definitely enjoyed the post especially since I don’t have a fireplace but looking at the picture while sitting next to my portable heater made all the difference 😀 It was 7 degrees this morning and I’m hoping against hope that I can convince my little dog to use a puppy pad. She is so well house trained she absolutely refused to use it yesterday but we only stayed outside for a few minutes so it ended up being okay but right now I do not want to go outdoors.

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      • It has warmed up to 26 degrees here. We live close to Atlanta. We live in an apartment, which has a fireplace. I love it and we use it quite frequently. I hope your little dog will start to use her puppy pad soon – too cold to go outside.

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      • I’m just outside of Pittsburgh. Wow, I didn’t think it got that cold close to Atlanta. A fireplace in an apartment – Nice!!! If I had one I’d be camped out in front of it right now. Unfortunately my dog won today’s battle as well but we weren’t outside for more than 3 minutes tops. Even with the sun shining the air is bitter cold.

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      • Atlanta gets it fair share of cold weather but this bitter cold is not that frequent. However, with the crazy weather we have been having, nothing surprises me.

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  8. You sound like a lovely lady, with a lovely blog. You like travel, and have a cat, just like me. I look forward to following your adventures. Have you ever been to Europe, or Greece?

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  9. What a beautiful blog you have. Look forward to exploring more, getting to know you through our respective blogs and enjoying a virtual coffee together 🙂 Cheers and warmest wishes

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  10. Truly enjoyable! Thank you for your hospitality. And you just gave me an idea I’d love you to help me try out, soon – us being cats&coffee lovers and all… I’ll be back with that asap. Until than, cheers!

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  11. Volumes of thanks – yet again – to Jacqueline for putting your name and your blog out there. I’m delighted to meet you and can hardly wait to read more. I think we shall be fast friends. We hear that often in the blogosphere, but I don’t say it lightly. Reading your bio alone I see we have so many experiences in common! You’ve created and mastered a beautiful blog. Be proud!

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  12. Hi there!To start off,thank yoy for liking my blog.So far I have enjoyed myself to the bits while reading your page.I hope you keep on doing this beautiful blog!


  13. Hey Old Sport, first of all, I just want to say thank you for helping me out on The Millionaire’s Digest.I may not know you very well and you may not know me very well either, but what I do know is this: Me and You make a powerful team, and you’ve got that hard strong work ethic like I do that not many people have. Now I just want to tell you that I’ve upgraded your account, so now you can do so much more on it. I also hope you feel like you’re actually an official owner/administrator of The Millionaire’s Digest And basically what I just did is I’ve given you the power to do pretty much anything and everything that I do. The only thing you can’t do is delete the website, lol, but I trust you enough that you wouldn’t do that.

    Oh and speaking of deleting the website, I haven’t really told anyone this, but I’m not sure if I’m going to continue The Millionaire’s Digest. But I mean, I don’t know and not that it’s a bad thing or anything. I just don’t think it’s something for me anymore. So instead of deleting it, I think I’m going to turn it over to the first 10 people (which includes you) who listened to all my directions right straight from the beginning when I first started to allow people to join our team. But I don’t know. And lol, I’m not sick or high or anything. It’s just, I guess I’m not sure.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve upgraded your account so you don’t freak out the next time you come to write an article for it. Thank you again Old Sport for helping me.



    P.S. – I’ll make an advertisement and put it up on the front page so when people click on it, it’ll send them straight directly from my website to yours. Just give me like 15 minutes!

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    • Thank you for up grading my account. I am very pleased! Keep me in the loop when you make your decisions about The Millionaire’s Digest. I hope you stay involved – it is a great idea. And no worries, I would never delete it. Way too much work goes into yours and my site. Thanks for the heads up and take it easy.

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  14. loved your about me page….and I hope too that I always keep figuring out what I wanna be when I grow up so that life never comes to a stand still….how hopeful!….I loved it….hope to get to know you better …warm wishes coming your way..


  15. Hey, This was a great introduction. I loved the look and feel of your blog, and the coffee, well it made me feel energized, so as your quote says, you will be remembered as a lady with warmth and energy 🙂 BTW, I too wonder sometimes, where am I? So your About Me page really resonates with me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you like the appearance of my blog. I have fun creating it and changing themes, etc. I usually keep the colors the same as I find them warm and inviting, and they remind me of coffee! I get a lot of compliments on my About Me page, which I never expected. I posted a mini bio on beBee.com and so far I have 4000 views. I am shocked. Make it a great day!


  16. Hey there Franci H., this is K&L and I have something I need to tell you that I haven’t really told anyone yet. (Except for the 5 most important people to me who are on my team.) I’ve been working on a private project and I’m getting ready to launch it for our website. It’s a magazine. Now my question to you is are you in or are you out? I mean if not, I completely understand which is okay! But if so, I’m going to need to know by midnight of August 21st. (2 more days). Also, you will be one of my 5 writers whom I have given the privilege to be on the front page. I’ll give you all the details as I have to write them all out for everyone, but the choice is yours Old Sport. Also, please email me your response as I may not get it here through WordPress. Thanks Old Sport!

    K&L -Millionaire’s Digest Author, Publisher & Friend

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  18. You have an amazing blog and I choose to nominate you for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge. I would love for you to share the most influential quotes that have helped in shaping the way you see and live life, as well as what may have even been the driving force behind you creating your blog. For more details, you can visit my site at https://oaktownvibes.wordpress.com/2016/10/09/3-days-3-quotes-challenge-day-2/ . I hope that you will accept this challenge. Peace and love to you.


    • Thank you so much for your invitation. I am currently a bit overwhelmed since I fell on my left hand last Saturday. I wasn’t able to post my usual Tuesday Chatter last week and I am going to try and post it this week. Typing one handed slows me down considerably so unfortunately, I won’t be able to accept the challenge.

      Thank you again for considering me for the challenge.

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  19. Hey, I’m still growing up too! And have been retired 5.5 years – we travel, sleep in, like coffee, I blog.. so much in common! Thank you for the follow. I almost didn’t make it here as the WP provided link to your profile had no info in it – until I noticed this here link – so here I am 🙂

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