I Will Play 10,000 Spoons ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

I walk to a different beat than some

listening intently for the music to come.

Soon I hope, melodies will grace my ears

erase my fears! no more tears! bring on the cheers!

I love a parade!

I sing a different tune than most

but naught should I boast.

I feel the rumble in the ground

my ears begin to pound! I love the sound! It’s all around!

I love a parade!

I  believe I am different you know

as I can’t keep my feelings in tow.

It’s okay, it is okay

But it’s not my way!  Not to say!  Nary a tune I can play!

I love a parade!

I  must walk and talk a different game

it’s imperative, I regain my fame.

My donation, a boon!?  My fans – will they swoon!?  I will play 10,000 spoons!




Daily Prompt

10,000 Spoons


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