Do Dreams Come True?


“Dreaming, afterall, is a form of planning.”
Gloria Steinem

Most of my dreams are fascinating tidbits of images, emotions, and sensations. Every now and then, a scary dream slips in, and usually a fictional event not a memory from the past.

Since my preference in dreams is to live in a fairytale world, I try not to surrender to bad dreams. Usually, I awaken from a dream that is like a scene out of a gory Halloween movie thus I never know the finale.

I feel that undesirable dreams should be lucid dreams where one knows it’s just a dream and poses no threat to real life. For example, the yellow and black polka dotted elephant that’s dancing around the room.

It is frequent that I have recurring dreams, which very few are nightmarish. Most are coddling and have a happy ending.

Dreams are an essential part of life because they are the birth of goals and plans in raw form. Dreams are the beginnings of great ideas that can result in productive endeavors.  Meaningful dreams should be cherished while bad dreams may be warnings and perhaps, it’s wise they are heeded.

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  1. I almost never remember my dreams…may be a few scary ones! On the other hand I listen to that of my husband’s which are like stories! U know, a proper beginning and an ending to his dreams… I wish I would remember more of my dreams..the good ones.

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  2. This is a very thought provoking post. Several things come to my mind, from quotes to songs, to dreams themselves. I think dreams are a way of sorting things out, and allowing, even encouraging, us to go on.

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  3. I rarely have nightmares usually happy or silly dreams. Occasionally I have dreams that are messages. I do think dreams during sleep and daydreams can be the beginning of plans. I imagine inventors and those who change things in the world are dreamers who are also doers who work to make their dreams come true.
    Thanks for linking to In Other Words!


  4. beautifully composed post about dreams.. the good and the nightmares! I wonder what they call the good dreams if bad ones are called nightmares? It’s lovely that bad dreams do not bother you… fairy tales and fantasy lands are so beautiful to dream up and to remember, so you can tell them to others!

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  5. This was a lovely reflection on dreams, all very true! I have had a few horrific dreams that I have woken from with such vivid memories that they remain with me still, yet I’ve also had some wonderful dreams of meeting up with old friends, etch, that made me wake up happy, and a few of visiting the same houses in repetitive dreams, yet I don’t remember actually being in those houses, at least in this lifetime. 🙂


  6. Thank you for the nomination. I accept.



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