Any Reason to Drink Coffee


If I weren’t so fickle

I wouldn’t be in this pickle

I forgot my ABC’s


 A clueless find

The feebleness of a suffering mind

An unsolved  crossword puzzle


Beautiful and bold

A story to behold

Ugly and sad

Images of evil and bad



Perfection in oration

not to lose sight of translation



images (coffee):

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  1. You drink coffee like my husband does, with the little additives. He likes to add a little piece of dark chocolate, too. This is a very creative little post. Nicely done.


  2. Very cute and creative. The coffee sounds yummy!


  3. What a creative way to write (and ofcourse drink coffee).


  4. what a delightful post! enjoyed your pre-story at least as much as your contribution. thanks for sharing.

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