Are We There Yet? Are We Home Yet?

We love to travel. It is just my hubby, Paul and I.  Mind you, we are road trip travelers.  We love to drive through the countryside and just enjoy nature while sipping coffee out of our travel mugs. ☕☕ However, since our Florida debacle, we haven’t included any trips in our extremely busy schedules. Haha (We are retired, by the way, 😊).

But, we have recouped ourselves from the less than enjoyable Florida trip. I said to Paul “I don’t care if I ever cross the Florida state line again!” He nodded in agreement, as he kept a keen eye on the road.  We were very close to being out of Florida, and once we crossed over into our beloved Peach state, I wanted to get out of the car and kiss the ground.

Wow, I was never so glad to get back to “Home Sweet Home” and Amanda. Well, she had quite an attitude and she came right out and told us “I am not speaking to you”. She was very out of sorts, even though we had a friend check on her while we were gone. She had her little backpack stuffed with all of her kitty toys and catnip and was heading for the front door. After our little cat to human chat, she decided to stay as long as we met her demands. Oh boy, what a list!  She is such a little diva.

So, the Florida chapter is closed and it’s time to move forward. And yes, do we ever have the need to get on the road. Every night, I literally pack my suitcase in my mind as I fall asleep. 👢👢 👖👖 👟 👜 Our favorite getaways are only an hour away so we can be packed, in the car and on our way. Are we there yet?!!

Our plans are in the works! Hooray! We are going to Blue Ridge, Ga. in March. This trip in a dual celebration of Paul’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. This will be our third visit for the city’s festivities. I just hope we can hold out until March. Our anticipation is already out of control. You would think we were going to Europe.

2014-03-15 12.28.20.jpg

2014-03-15 13.39.03

2014-03-15 13.37.30.jpg

This jaunt is just a long weekend so our purrfect little pal, Amanda won’t be so annoyed with us. Her fluffy tail was in a wad because the Florida trip lasted over a week. (It was supposed to be 3 days!) That’s another story, maybe another post and maybe not. In fact, I addressed the trip with another post –

I believe travel becomes us. We love quaint restaurants and bars 🍸🍸, and we meet so many nice people while traveling to and fro. We have made some very good friends in Blue Ridge and look forward to their camaraderie. Of course, all good things must come to an end or do they?



Our trips are great fun and we always have a helluva good time, however, there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed and getting back in the groove at “Home Sweet Home”. Oh, most importantly getting a hug from our favorite furry little feline, Amanda.


“Don’t forget who rules this household, you silly humans”

Love, Amanda <^..^>




Cheers! 🍵 ☕️


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  1. I was transferred to Atlanta by my employer in 2012. We owned a house in Fl. All of our furnishings, except tools, etc. in our garage, were moved to Atlanta as a relo package. Last year, our tenants of 3 years finally moved out. We traveled to Fl to ready the house and put it for sale. We planned to be there for 3 days as the tenants advised us they had the house professionally cleaned. Well, the house was trashed and we were there over a week trying to clean up the mess and make repairs.

    Since we knew the tenants for 5 years, it was hurtful and exhausting. I could write a novel about this, however, it’s best to just put it all behind us. The house sold 30 days after we put it on the market, which gave us a lot of relief.

    Oh btw, our truck broke down on the way to Fl and we spent 3 days in Valdosta, Ga, while it was being fixed. Now, we are rid of the house, rid of the truck and rid of the irresponsible friends and moving forward. 😊😊😊


    • Sorry, wrong button 😦
      Anyway, we saw a lot of Europe of course, but ever since we first visited the US in 1998 we were sold. So, Blue Ridge right? Nice!


      • Yes, Blue Ridge, which is a quaint little mountain town. However, it is quite popular with the tourists. Right now it is snowing there and heavily. I get the feeling some of that snow is coming our way. It has been sleeting for the last hour. Hopefully, by March, the snow will be gone.

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