Month: February 2016

My State of Mind in Color

A phenomenon of color saturating my world defining paled hues arranged in a swirl Each petal reflects a segment of life ignorant of peace unaware of strife Conclusions surprisingly amassed such beauty far unsurpassed My state of existence never to… Read More ›

Everything Dances

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ” ― Maya Angelou As stars dangle and jangle waltzing across the celestial dome a rhythmic concerto  * A universal thought the cow jumps for naught how high was the moon… Read More ›

Boro Inn

Boro Inn is an Irish pub owned by, Brendan Doyle, a retired Catholic Priest. The decor is eclectic and charming with relics from Irish life, covering the walls and ceiling. The Indian is used as a confessional and very unique. … Read More ›

Creativity is Contagious!

Sipping coffee, inky black and clear as mud, and while looking out the window, the snow is lightly falling. I’m snowflake watching and in awe of how beautiful, they are. No two snowflakes are alike, so they say. THEY?  Who creates… Read More ›