24 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter 14

  1. No! Don’t tell me I could/should 😉 have been eating my King’s Cake up until Ash Wednesday ??? we usually don’t eat it after Epiphany (Jan.06) over here , but maybe I will have to change our tradition 😉
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  2. Gaga yes, halftime 50/50. Some parts I did like but I like all the performers individually. I liked the look back on the past performances. I missed the National Anthem so no comment on that one. 🙂 Fun Mardi Gras poem!


  3. Thank you so much for talking about my blog! I am beyond excited to have seen my Broncos win the Super Bowl. I have never made it to a celebration parade and I was able to take time off tomorrow to check out this year’s celebration! I will be screaming along with everyone else! I thought the entire Super Bowl was amazing and I have mad respect for Lady Gaga. She did great. I couldn’t hear Coldplay very well during the halftime and that’s probably because I was singing too loud! Plus, anytime I see Bruno Mars I can’t sit still, so I did a lot of dancing. It was a really great day for me and my family. Thank you again for highlighting my blog–it was just a nice thing to do!

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  4. Hi I can’t comment on the Superbowl, being in the UK and knowing nothing about American Football, except that if I were a fan, I would probably be happy with the win as my niece lives in Denver!
    Here instead of Mardi Gras we have Pancake Day when traditionally all the eggs, milk and flour are used up before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent with it’s traditional fast. The kids love Pancake Day, as does my husband: the kitchen is usually filled with smoke and fumes when he is in charge! He gets a bit carried away😉
    This year, it will be delayed as our grandsons will be visiting at the weekend and they love Grandad’s pancakes for breakfast which usually lasts half the morning!
    Thanks for the chat☺️ Have a great day!
    Best wishes to all,
    Chris aka The Juice Nut http://www.pearsnotparsnipsdotcom.wordpress.com

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  5. Wow I love your Tuesday chatter and all that is going on here! COOL! I actually watched the super bowl which I have never done before. I really like Lady Gaga I felt she did a great classical type of job, no added modern stuff! It was nice! the half time was ok not anything exciting! the game was really fun to watch! Love this series!


    1. Thank you for posting on Tuesday Chatter. That is quite a bucket list but I believe all the items listed are worthwhile. Also, great ideas for your future blogs. 😊😊😊


  6. Hi Amanpan, Buddy my adorable kitty, has taken a liking to Amanda. As you follow his blog, Foster Cat Chats, you may realize that every Thursday is Guest Post Thursday. We were wondering if Amanda would like to do a guest post some Thursday. It does not have to be long and photos are great. We like to feature a variety of cats and their stories.
    What do you think?

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