Month: March 2016

A Struggle

  With darkness looming in my mind, my thoughts are spineless bits of shredded time. Such confusion and sadness don’t become me. Surely, these feelings can not overcome me. A long life behind me, but never so bleak. A long life ahead of me, happiness I shall seek. Let the light from day spill into…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

  Today is Weed Appreciation Day! I receive a variety of email, probably because my hubby and I are on the internet 24/7, and this email popped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago. I was ready to delete it or spam it but the content caught my eye. It offers a different tidbit…

An Egg and Cliches

Cliches and writing!? Do you find cliches boring and overused? Cliches aren’t new and perhaps, as old as the hills? My question is why do we hear them? Why do we see them? Where did they originate? Do you have any use for them? Perhaps, you find them useful in order to express your thoughts?…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

    Happy Spring! We have a lot going on in Tuesday Chatter this week. Maybe I will take a thermos of coffee out to the porch and put together some thought provoking chatter. It’s 54º, which is perfect for me. My brew is going to be clear as mud, as I need a real…

The Show Must Go On

      The swaying trees are an amazing spectacle Joined by nature’s voices, most majestical Throngs of songbirds and buzzing bees Rhythmically skipping upon the leaves Prancing and dancing in the sunlight Enhanced vividity adorning our sight A theatrical performance, a concert to behold A glimpse at life that should be told Memories are…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  Anonymous A Toast to St. Patrick Saint Patrick, the holy and tutelar man; His beard down his bosom like Aaron’s run. Some from Scotland, some from Wales, will declare that’s from where he came, But I care not, now he’s risen to fame. The pride of the world and his enemies scorning, I will…

The Irish Pub

I am continuing my story about our trip, so here is where I left it… Well, it is time to take a breather from driving and we can’t wait to stop and sit a spell at our favorite Irish bar. The Boro Inn Irish Pub, which I have written about before, is our favorite bar…

Nonsense or No sense

A silly poem about senses that makes no sense. 😉 Can you not see the light Have you lost sight, of what we use to be * Can you not hear our song What went wrong, with who we used to be * Can you not smell, oh wait! An oncoming rhyme? perhaps in due…

Let us…

  A marvelous day it is outside, Soulful thoughts on a mellow ride. Past memories took in my stride Let hurtful times be cast aside. There’s no sense in feeling grim,  My happiness cup filled to the rim.   So much beauty is in my sight I should take some time to write Before the…


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