An Egg and Cliches


Cliches and writing!? Do you find cliches boring and overused? Cliches aren’t new and perhaps, as old as the hills? My question is why do we hear them? Why do we see them? Where did they originate? Do you have any use for them? Perhaps, you find them useful in order to express your thoughts?

As I was researching information relating to cliches, I said to myself…

“Dang, I use some of these when I speak and when I write. Am I trying to walk the talk? Dress to impress? Is this a major whoops?”

Well today, I felt like writing a post about Easter eggs and bunnies and all that stuff. Again, I had a discussion with myself.

“Nah, why not just say Happy Easter and let it go at that?”

Those of you that read my blogs know I enjoy writing poems. I like my poetry to tell a story, in the least amount of words. I also like poems that list a little bit, like a ship – you know what I mean?

Here I am, attempting to create a post and these cliches keep creeping into my mind. Maybe my coffee hasn’t taken effect yet. Maybe I am going through a phase? So I decided to write a poem, combining something about Easter and cliches. Yeah, I know, but just go with it. It could be worse.

An Egg is an Egg

No song and dance

no walk the talk

no dog and egg show

not a leg to stand on?

Just an egg

Not every egg has it day

can’t take the egg by the tail

can’t think out of the box

sly as a fox?

Only an egg

Not even your friend, or

your worst enemy

not dead as a doornail

avoid it like the plague?

A single egg

If only eggs could talk

the egg calls the kettle black

oh no! not from the frying pan into the fire

life is unfair?

A happy egg

Not thick as thieves

no hands make light work

only time will tell

plenty of eggs in the sea?

A lonely egg

Not as bright as the sun

not as light as a feather

not as cool as a cucumber

as old as the hills?

A sole egg

Not when you have lemons

not every cloud has a silver lining

you can’t lead an egg to water

what goes around comes around?

A fragile egg

Not like an egg in a candy store

not a fire station burning down

not haste makes waste

opposites attract?

The final egg

Overused expressions?

can’t teach an old dog new tricks

go break a leg!

or go crack an egg?

What are your thoughts on cliches? Do you find yourself using them or avoiding them?

Do you cringe when they are present in what you are reading, or even in conversation?

Or do you just take them in your stride, not even giving their use any thought?




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"Style means the right word. The rest matters little" - Jules Renard

13 thoughts on “An Egg and Cliches

    1. I don’t think about them too much, myself. I know I have used them. My post was mostly geared toward my LinkedIn crowd but I wanted to share it on WordPress, as well.


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