A Struggle


With darkness looming in my mind, my thoughts are spineless bits of shredded time. Such confusion and sadness don’t become me. Surely, these feelings can not overcome me. A long life behind me, but never so bleak. A long life ahead of me, happiness I shall seek.

Let the light from day spill into night; a slivered sun ray please come my way.

As the day begins to darken, is there a message I should harken? I must be cautious of my perspective; take a stand not to be reflective, and resign myself from my mind. My glass half full, my glass half empty, darkness cannot tempt me.

Let the light from night spill into day; a silvered moonbeam please come my way.

Again, sensing doom I am swallowed by gloom. I can only cry and with no reason to try. I must be bold, I am told! It is not wrong to be strong. I must bring light into my sights; making wrongs into rights.

Let the light from the day spill into the night; let the light from the night spill into the day.

You may laugh, but I will settle for half. The peacefulness of dusk or the loveliness of dawn; neither night nor day. Perhaps a little gray?  At last, we have met halfway, at least for today.

Whether a slivered sun ray or a silvered moonbeam; please come my way and make my day.  Please let it be, I need to be me.



image credits: http://www.lovethispic.com






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27 replies

  1. That picture and your words are beautiful x


  2. Wonderfully lyrical piece.

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  3. I like the imagery, it captures life with honesty and a softened reality.


  4. I like the tone and message of this piece that life is always a journey aways from the darkness and making a choice to seek light no matter how dim it may seem.


  5. Yes by seeing the light outside you learn to generate your own light inside.

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  6. Very lovely and feelings we have all felt for sure! nicely arranged and put together as a poem and story of life!


  7. Moonbeam coming….. you called 🙂 !!!

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  8. Very creative with your words….. thank you for being so real.

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  9. I felt as if you are talking to me.

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  10. Beautifully written and very well expressed. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  11. The lyrical harmony in the entire post is an enaging treat for the reader! Beautifully expressed !
    Keep sharing and help youngsters like us to grow!
    Have a nice day ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

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