Month: April 2016

Tuesday Chatter 25

I decided to take it easy today and enjoy the gorgeous weather. This is truly a lovely time of the year in Georgia. We find the evenings perfect for sitting on the back porch, sipping coffee or our favorite libation;… Read More ›


Reflecting on Shadows   Photo of plant stand on our back porch. I found the shadows fascinating. I altered the photo applying Daguerreotype Plumbe effect. Cheers! 🍵 ☕️    

It’s Difficult

“We have a presidential election coming up.  And I think the big problem, of course, is someone will win.” Barry Crimmins It’s difficult to choose who will win and who will lose It’s difficult to say who is able to… Read More ›

Service With a Smile

  So quaintly eclectic Moments here are never hectic Coffee in the morning Indeed, is quite warming A lovely afternoon tea A tradition for you and me Pastries truly delectable So incredibly edible An after dinner treat I’ll save you… Read More ›

Tuesday Chatter 24

Welcome to, Tuesday Chatter, a place where there’s never a dull moment! You can brew what you spew and spew what you brew! A friendly place for thought-provoking chatter and a meeting of minds. We can laugh together and cry… Read More ›

beBee and Me

  I was sipping coffee when I wrote this little diddy. Perhaps a little giddy? Nope, not me!  It’s simple to see, I was just being me. beBee and me We were meant to be I can cruise with ease… Read More ›

Tuesday Chatter 23

  Hey. everyone! It’s the Tuesday Chatter variety show! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat. There is amusement, entertainment, and tidbits of news, useless chattering, and an abundance of smattering. By the way, smattering is a… Read More ›

Get Out of First Gear

  “Life is like a ten-speed bicycle.  Most of us have gears we never use.” Charles M. Schulz Seems in life it is essential, to gear our mind to full potential. Please lend an ear, this you may want to… Read More ›

Tuesday Chatter 22

Tidbits of news, perhaps not your views. Who’s in the news?  Who would you choose? Not the tooth fairy? Well, opinions vary. Ain’t that the truth, my dear! Perhaps its fear, or lack of it. I feel we’re above it…. Read More ›