Get Out of First Gear



“Life is like a ten-speed bicycle.  Most of us have gears we never use.”
Charles M. Schulz

Seems in life it is essential, to gear our mind to full potential. Please lend an ear, this you may want to hear.

There is no boasting if we’re only coasting. Results may be adverse if we’re forever in reverse.  Let’s move forward by pedaling toward, a favorable direction. The rut in the road, an act of deflection or an undesirable reflection?

We get out of bed, shake our head and we’re in first gear. What a great start, we’re thinking smart! Again, let’s pedal toward a positive direction; are you with me? Have you switched to second gear? Oh, but you must! There is still time to adjust.

C’mon, there’s no time for crying, you must keep trying. Do you want to be a wannabe throughout your life? No, the answer is not a new life. You can’t just buy a new life like you would buy a new bike!

We must be resourceful and not remorseful; squelch our fear and cultivate cheer. Now, are you with me? I’m so proud of you that you heeded my cue.

Seems in life it is essential, to gear our mind for full potential. Please lend an ear, this you may want to hear.

Get out of first gear!




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26 replies

  1. So cute and inspiring. And very Seuss-like too! Nicely done.

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  2. I think I’m going to need a safety helmet…great post!

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  3. It’s taken me a while to start liking Rap. This makes it even easier. I love it!

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  4. Been driving in first gear for a bit… Think I’ll switch to 4th 🙂
    Great post. Good advice, Thank you!

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  5. Yes, I understand. I get stuck in first gear myself. Thank you for reading.


  6. I prefer automatic shift and not be conscious of my gears.

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  7. Very clever and very true.

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  8. A delightful post. So much fun to read.

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  9. I enjoyed this. I think I may not have ten gears…I am not much for racing I like to sightsee. Always good to see you at In Other Words.

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  10. Thank you, Patricia. I appreciate your support in Tuesday Chatter, as well.


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