Service With a Smile



So quaintly eclecticcanton st3

Moments here are never hectic

Coffee in the morning

Indeed, is quite warming

A lovely afternoon tea

A tradition for you and me

Pastries truly delectable

So incredibly edibleblue ridge coffee1

An after dinner treat

I’ll save you a seat

We come from afar

By bus, by train, or by car

You go the extra mile

Offering service with a smiledahlonega coffee

Please, let us stay awhile

Oh yes, generous we are

Do you have a tipping jar?



Small and quaint coffee houses, exuding such charm and personality. Respectively located in Roswell, Ga; Blue Ridge, Ga, and Dahlonega, Ga.





Categories: Challenges, Poetry


11 replies

  1. Lovely and hunger inspiring. Just woke up now you have me heading to the kitchen 😄


  2. The ambiance of outdoor cafes never bores nor tires me. I like the way you can watch the street life, people, other cafes and enjoy fresh air. 🙂

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  3. I like this, so cute and makes me want to go have a coffee

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  4. Lovely. Photos of coffee shops and restaurants are great, it makes me want to be there.

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  5. Yes, they are so charming and inviting.


  6. Wish I could visit such wonderful cafes overlooking the hustling bustling of streets. There’s no such cafe in my place… Well I just woke up and now I need something to eat… Sandwiches, aroma of the coffee, feel like eating up the whole menu somewhere… lol better get going.


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