Month: June 2016

Ponder the Resolve

    Surely, you know I don’t jest Life itself can seem like a test When we think we can’t win Ponder the resolve again and again Thoughts may be on the brink of decay But, sing with the birds the very next day Things in life may not go right Maybe, in theory just…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

If we were having coffee, I find there is nothing more thought-provoking than useful and useless chatter. This is one of those chats.  This is Tuesday Chatter, a weekly event where you can leave the link to your blog, giving others a chance to appreciate your talents. Here’s the link for the how-tos. Tuesday Chatter…

We’re on Life’s High

    “The best mind-altering drug is truth.” Lily Tomlin Our mind is like a sieve What we retain can only remain, whether accidentally or incidentally, as long as we live. As time draws nigh and we’re on life’s high let’s inhale the truths and exhale the lies -Eugenia   In Other Words, a weekly event…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

If we were having coffee, I find there is nothing more thought-provoking than useful and useless chatter. This is one of those chats. Ah, the number thirty-three Found this was a good age to be Found good things in life aren’t free Found a lot in life still to see Found what it’s like to…

Tick Tock

  “Time flows the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way.” Yasunari Kawabata Time doesn’t stand still It’s indefinite progression It’s an irreversible succession It’s a continuous flow It’s a measure of existence It’s void of resistance Our spot in time today Has already gone away…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

Welcome to Tuesday Chatter everyone, a place to share useful and useless chatter.  Let me say thank you to all that take part in Tuesday Chatter. Sharing your links make me smile so please continue decorating my comment section with your treasures.  My previous Tuesday Chatter makes mention of several that take part, which I…

Can We Change Everything We See?

      “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until faced.” James Baldwin We can’t change the color of the sky Don’t know why We can’t change the color of sun Don’t know why We can’t change the color of the moon Don’t know why We can’t change…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

Hello. everyone! I am giving a special shout out to four of my fellow bloggers that have shared their links on Tuesday Chatter. You know, it’s engagement and support that makes blogging so fulfilling. My most dedicated Tuesday Chatter contributor is Patricia, which she loves cats as much as I do.  I am a contributor…

Life, Death and Inbetween

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” Isaac Asimov Life is like a dream It can be good or bad It can be happy or sad Death is like a dream Never ending And unforgiving In between is like a dream But still remains unseen As experiences of your being Life…


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