beBee Special

While I am having coffee, I’m pondering my next post. Which, I have a few obligations to take care of. One being my weekly post for Patricia’s Place, which I truly enjoy. Patricia offers a weekly quote to inspire us to write, a grand idea! The second is another post for Millionaires’s Digest. I enjoy this immensely as I have met so many talented bloggers, not to mention the great exposure! And the third is a couple of posts for, which is my favorite site for learning, sharing and great conversation. Oh, and the videos – some real wowing music! has it “going on” as a social media site. I even created a couple of mottos for beBee, which I include in my beBee posts: “To be a beBee bee is to be” and  “beBee, it’s a way of life”. You gotta have fun, you know!

Besides beBee. com being a great place to bee, they are also a kind and generous group. Their CEO, Javier Camara Rica and team, is sending gifts to we bees, that have been faithful and loyal in our endeavors to promote Well, I find it pretty simple to promote something you enjoy. I mean I have no problem reading posts of others and engaging in good conversation; and I have no problem posting my writings on beBee. Plus my writings are shared and shared and shared – great exposure, no doubt.

So, I received my gift yesterday! Wow! I was excited and delighted! This more than made my day!


Perhaps, now you will understand why I have “beBee stuff” included in my posts and their images on my site. To be a beBee be is to be.

I am Eugenia, and I approve this post.

Cheers! 🍵 ☕️

PicMonkey Collage27


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