Enduring the Swarm


“At the end of the day, we can endure
much more than we think we can.”-Frida Kahlo

The calm before the storm

Swelling burdens begin to swarm

Life’s lease preparing to expire?

Thrusting moments forward to retire?

The end is just around the bend

Only shards of time left to spend

There’s one thing I know for sure

We rejoice our efforts if we can endure


Image credits: http://www.lovethispic.com/

20 responses to “Enduring the Swarm

  1. Encouraging words

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  2. thoughtful quote

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  3. The quote and your take on it…really good . ☺


  4. Sometimes it takes endurance, sometimes it takes humor, and then sometimes we are lucky and it just takes ignorance! Great poetry.

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  5. Everything is gorgeous Franci!

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  6. In the end, we do rejoice if we endure. Your poems always have a message worth reading. Thank you for sharing at In Other Words.

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  7. That closing line says it all. When we persevere, we jubilate 🙂

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