People are Crap – NOT

Cory Galbraith


It had been a while since I had a face-to-face with a good friend of mine.

But as soon as he opened his mouth, he told me how people are full of “you know what.”

I was taken back by his diatribe which went as follows…

  • People lie all the time, about every thing.
  • Emails and voice-mails are not returned.
  • People are insincere.
  • People are two-faced.
  • People are mean.
  • People lack caring and empathy.
  • People are obsessed with their smartphones at the expense of real life.
  • People are unreliable.
  • People are back-stabbers.
  • People are rude and insensitive.
  • People are self-absorbed.
  • People are nuts.

After this long litany of complaint, I came to the defense of modern humanity and offered these explanations.

  • People are stressed.
  • People are afraid.
  • People are distracted.
  • People are confused.
  • People are getting older.
  • People mean well, but are overwhelmed.
  • People are time-starved.
  • People make mistakes.


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6 replies

  1. Very true! I always have a positive outlook at everything. We don’t know what kind of struggles people with daily so it is unfair to judge.


  2. The struggle is very real and so are people. Each one of us goes into the battlefield of life wanting to win the war but we do so after being wounded in body and soul. The people we think of as our comrades can turn on us and become our enemies. We all struggle daily to keep on going and relief and comfort are hard to come by. In the end we have to care for ourselves when others disappoint us. Our hope is the future will bring us friendships that will sustain us for years.


  3. Thanks for this. It inspired me to post about this from a different angle.


  4. A wonderful post! I just followed his blog. Thanks for sharing, Eugenia. 🙂


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