Tuesday Chatter 50



If we were having coffee, I find there is nothing more pleasing than useful and useless chatter. This is one of those chats that deserves a steaming cuppa coffee that’s clear as mud.

Hey, did you know today is Wear Something Gaudy Day? While you are sitting at your favorite cafe enjoying that wake-me-up cuppa joe, you can don your gaudiest ensemble.  Don’t miss out on your chance to show off your wildest taste in clothes!


“The point of Wear Something Gaudy day is to stand out, so choose brightly colored fabrics with intense patterns. Maybe you can haul down your grandmothers drapes for the day and be seen in a shocking paisley brocade, or dig up those purchases you made that you didn’t realize were awful until you got them home. Wear Something Gaudy Day is your opportunity to show off the bright garishness that has passed through the annals of fashion history! Even throwing on a eye-searing boa can be a simple way to celebrate, or you can just wear colors that clash. Everyone has pieces in their wardrobe that just don’t go, so get in there and make peoples eyes waggle!”

Of course, Sally Sue wanted to wear a boa (not the snake) while cruising down Canton Street in downtown Roswell. Canton Street is an interesting thoroughfare as it is popular with the look-at-me types.  I haven’t figured out why, except that Canton St. is lined with eclectic cafes, bars, and cute little shops. It’s quite entertaining to sit outside at one of the cafes and people watch. Of course, Sally Sue is raring to go and join in with the “in crowd”. She’s definitely a show-off.

canton st3

picmonkey-image67beBee is beebusy! Many new Ambassadors have been selected – twenty-two positive and engaging contributors willing to promote beBee. We’re having some fun now! You can see beBee on Twitter and Facebook, as we bees are swarming just about everywhere.

You know how much I love poems, as I write them myself mainly because I like to mess up words and stretch their meanings to the max. Well, with that said, I am featuring a blog that displays some excellent poetry. flammablepie I know you will be pleased with my selection. Stop in and take a look for yourself.

Each morning I stare into my black tea,
Waiting, hoping for my thoughts to break free,
To flow like the rivers do to the sea,
But alas, my mind has nothing for me.

And, I am featuring another great blogger this week. I have good vibes from his posts and see a bright blogging future for areyoustillreading Please stop in show some support.

Okay so I received a notification yesterday stating that I’d hit 100 followers. Now I know compared to some of you ‘bigwig’ bloggers that that is minuscule and you probably gain that in a week or a month, but I was a little surprised that I’d hit treble figures🙂. -The Bloggerman

Tuesday Chatter is a weekly event. Join in and leave a link to your blog or a favorite post for others to enjoy at Tuesday Chatter

Autumn leaves adorning the trees

Marigolds and gourds adorn our land

Making it stunning and Oh so grand!

A cool crisp breeze startles the trees

Blanketing the past with golden leaves

Our steps now are hidden where we walked

Our friends, the leaves – not ones to talk

But, soon the wind will inevitably blow

 Revelations of what we didn’t want to show

and surely didn’t want you to know

I’m Eugenia and it’s time to put a wrap on this chat. So long from this week’s Tuesday Chatter and have a great week!

Cheers! 🍵 ☕️




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36 replies

  1. Beautifully portrayed each part!!👍☺


  2. You inspired me to write a post on Coffee. Thanks.

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  3. Hello, I’m Cattie. Yesterday I read your post and posted a Comment. But the comment in not featuring here. Please check your spam box and see if my comment is there.


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  4. I am rethinking my wardrobe this morning😉

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  5. I like that image of Canton street. Seems like a good place to sit and watch people pass by.

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  6. Wow what a fun day! Love the pictures and the new blog! Another fun Tuesday Franci! xxxx

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  7. Thank – You for reading and following my blog!
    I’m new to blogging and love this new adventure of mine! I will do my best to not match today😊Love your writing!


  8. Love the poem. It reminds of the golden Aspen trees I am viewing out my window this month in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

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  9. Enjoyed your poem. I love the change of seasons and fall is one of my favorites. After the summer of exceptional heat and humidity, this fall is especially welcome. Thank you for sharing blogs you find. I have been visiting them and have found some that speak to me.


  10. Hey Eugenia! Thanks for the mention, that’s really sweet of you 😀
    I enjoyed this read over my morning coffee, life would be so bland and dire without it right ha! What’s your favourite type, by brand I’m a Douwe Egberts or Azure drinker.

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  11. I’m up early and it was lovely to have a cup of tea and chatter with you. I’ll definitely check out those links. ☕️ Clare

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    • Good morning, Clare, it’s good to hear from you. I hope all is well. 🍵 ☕️

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      • Eugenia, All is well, but extremely busy with getting the mystery book into the hands of beta readers and learning Create Space to publish it. I’m ZuZu Series for next year and a small verse book with illustrations. And I’m marketing the first 2 books, so life is good. I love the look of your bog and appreciate how much work you’ve put into it during the last year and a half. I haven’t had much time for blogging, but I am trying to develop a web site. I’ll make sure I check in with you to chat more often. 💝 Clare

        Liked by 1 person

      • Please do stop by when you can. Good luck and much success with your endeavors.

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      • Your blog site has really developed over the last year. Nicely done and I really admire your tech skills.🖥

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  12. I am glad you enjoy my shares. I find a lot of useful information and great ideas from others.



  1. Teddy talking today… – Patricia's Place

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