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Blog Audience, Improve Blog, Writer, Blog Tips, Copy-writing, Branding, Social Media, Site Speed, Promotion, Grammarly, WPEngine, NameCheapAs a writer cum blogger, we all know how much effort and time it takes to craft your words, curate your images, tag, categorize, primp, polish and publish courageously, only for you to sit back satisfied, twiddling your thumbs anticipating a deluge of comments from expected readers, but, gasp and with a lump in your throat, no one hits that like button or even leaves a smiley face behind. It could dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

The situation is tougher when you are just starting out with your blogging or writing passion and you need that validation that comes from others – of course, your few good buddies and mom would probably support you, woe betide them if they don’t, but we all do need that extra validation because we are social beings, so spare yourself the rhetoric of ‘I’m writing for myself,’ and let’s get to the cause. Read More

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  1. Thanks for the share.. it’s really useful post.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this Eugenia. You are a dear friend 🙂

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  3. Thank you for this representative!!!!!!!!🌎☕😉😄🍁✈🚀💼📰

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  4. Thanks for sharing. The author really hit the nail on the head. It takes a long time to find your voice. Then having to wait forever. For someone, anyone, to say “nice post.” I believe those 2 little words fuel many bloggers.

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