The Verb is not a Noun

 The gerund is the “-ing” form of a verb when used as a noun

You find this form a lot in topic titles and page headings for how-to directions (s.a. “Making your point” or “Filling in the form”).

I reject the use of “ing” phrases as a title or heading:  It’s kind of abstract, stuffy, and distances you from the action.

The change in approach also a bit of a trend these days. We are urged to use the active voice and present tense for the call to action. Some writers have actively lobbied for the “Death of the gerund in technical documentation

We’re trying an experiment with short-form verbs in headings. Instead of gerunds, we’re using just the verb stems. So, instead of “adding a widget” we’re saying “add a widget”. This looks like an imperative, but it’s not meant as such. It’s just a short form…

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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ― Maya Angelou

11 thoughts on “The Verb is not a Noun

  1. There are so many times we use words grammatically incorrect and don’t even realise. I am sure I will be on top of the list. I always read your posts and they are just so deep and takes our thinking to a next level. Pardon me for any mistakes.😊

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  2. I believe gerunds and participles are useful, often more elegant than straight verbs, and add interest and variety to passages. They should be avoided by the inexpert, though, because they can easily lose or transplant the subject.

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