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Tuesday Chatter Weekly – May 1, 2017


Hi, Everyone!

Tidbits from the year 1978

1978 was a popular year for movies and music. The Bee Gees’ “Saturday Night Fever” album is #1 for 24 weeks, Saturday Night Fever and Close Encounters of the Third Kind were all the rage in theaters worldwide. Other popular films were Grease, Heaven Can Wait, Jaws 2, and National Lampoon’s Animal House.

TV land offered some great shows-Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie, The Rockford Files, Saturday Night Live, The Muppet Show, The Love Boat and more. I believe these shows portrayed a much different lifestyle than we are experiencing today. What do you think?

Illinois Bell Company debuts the first Cellular Mobile Phone System, Space Invaders launches the craze for Computer Video Games, 98% of all Americans have a TV in their home, NASA chose its first American women astronauts.

1978 was a good year where life seemed to peak. Or perhaps it was an illusion due to the bouffant hairdos. Oh, and a closet full of polyester flares.

Let’s explore another cuppa living

While the relentless clock’s still ticking

Fading smiles as the curtain falls

The US dollar missed its call

It fell down and can’t get up

Teachers strike no doubt disrupt

Sweden’s the first to ban the can

Aerosol sprayers bruise the ozone layer

 It’s 25 years for “Son of Sam”

Price of gold reaches an all-time high

Unemployment is at an all-time low

Bee Gees and Travolta steal the show

Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive, and Heaven Can Wait

Don’t talk with your mouth full to know your fate

Most American households have a TV set

 Movies like Grease don’t miss a step

Gleeful memories in nineteen seventy-eight

Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive, and Heaven Can Wait

Happy Days, The Muppets and a sarcastic cat

 Garfield, John, Odie, an award-winning act

Saturday Night Fever thrills dancing supporters

Nothing much happens in apple-pie order


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    • I liked most of the TV shows back then and I loved Saturday Night Fever. The movie actually came out in Dec of 1977 and became the rage in 1978. The soundtrack is awesome – it makes me want to get up and dance.

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  1. Hi Eugenia, FYI this Tuesday Chatter posts on my WP Reader page on Monday. So I did link to you but don’t know what day or time you will get it because I think you must be outside the USA. But I did send you a pingback. 🙂


  2. 1978! I have many fond memories of those days. My friends and I all looked just like Charlie’s Angels and could dance to every song by the BeeGees. I loved long hair on both men and women and those flared pants made everyone look skinny. Bright colored tops and lots of eye make-up. Fun times. There were still so many setbacks for women, however. I was a divorced mom in 1978 and wasn’t allowed to get a credit card without my father or a husband’s signature and I couldn’t get a home loan in my name. It didn’t matter that I had a masters degree. And there were several schools that wouldn’t hire divorced women to teach. Law schools in Florida had quotas for women and wouldn’t allow women to attend night classes, so we could work during the day. Yes, women had made progress from the 1950’s but looking back, not nearly as much as we thought. Perhaps the best thing about 1978 is that I was YOUNG. (At the very end of my 20’s) and my elementary students thought I looked like Jaclyn Smith from the TV show Charlie’s Angels. (I had dark back then.) I think perhaps being young was the key. Everything just seems a little better, and John Travolta was really, really cute in 1978. So was Henry Winkler and Barry Gibb. 😍

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    • Wow, you brought back even more memories! I remember having difficulties getting a credit card because I was divorced, as well. You and I come from the same mold in many ways. Thank you for commenting.

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      • Yes we do. Those were difficult times for divorced women. A lot of discrimination. But we persevered and overcame the obstacles that were thrown in our way. Hooray for the ladies of our generation!

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  3. 1978, I was just 7 (well 6 for most of it). I remember very little about the outside world of that time era as I was really too young to have paid much attention. I do remember watching a good number of the shows you mentioned, though very possibly was re-runs of the shows by the time I’d remember watching. To be honest I don’t recall what I would have watched or read at that age.

    BTW, here’s my Tuesday Chatter post (just done) –… I did go on a bit as something came up that got me going a bit. A wonderful, joy-filled, and blessed week to all.

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  4. What an excellent poem Eugenia.. 🙂 and Little House on the Prairie was one I wouldn’t miss.. Loved it.. And how they all said goodnight .. Being the eldest of 5 siblings we would echo our goodnights lol 🙂 too.. So when this came out it made me smiles..
    Loved the memories here of this year.. 🙂

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  5. Life really was different then. Shows like happy days , were good shows for kids (of all ages) It was a significant year for me in a couple of ways but the important one was that I started working for a non profit org; that helped children & families mostly in 3rd world countries and I had a heart for that cause since I had my first child and there was a famine at the time… I tried to imagine what a mother would feel when she had no food for her child … God led me there through a set of circumstances… Sorry for a trip down memory lane … Diane

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  6. Dear Eugenia, you started this series with a pinch of salt, now there’s a whole lot going on here that simply makes this beautiful. I could see this as a coffee table read that goes through the years. Please give it a thought – that was what came to my mind as I read this.

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    • Thank you, Jacqueline. I enjoy writing this series. #1 it resonates with me because I experienced these years #2 I love the comments because others are sharing their stories, as well. I had no idea going back in time would draw such a wonderful audience. I will continue the series as long as I have years. 🌼

      PS If I had the patience and the time, I would compile it into a book – maybe. 🙂


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