200 Realistic uses for Baby Wipes

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We have family coming to visit in the next couple of days from out-of-state and I’ve cleaned up the devastation caused from the tornado (3 teenage boys) that hit over the summer. I’m pleased to report that I’ve actually been rather happy with the progress of restoring the house back to its former glory. In the cleaning detox stage, I’ve used several products and when in a pinch, still resorted to my favorite of all – Baby wipes.

During my cleaning routine mission,


some products I noticed have warning labels on them like:

WARNING!! This product is known to cause cancer in lab rats. Who would attempt to “clean” a lab rat with a stain remover?

DANGER!! Do not inhale fumes or lungs will explode. If contact occurs, leave the area immediately and breath pure oxygen. How am I suppose to know if the oxygen outside my house is “pure”…

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