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Tuesday Chatter Weekly – May 8, 2017


“So many books, so little time.”
― Frank Zappa

Tidbits from the year 1979

ESPN debuts, a dedicated network to sports fans (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), The Soviet Union and the United States sign the Salt II Treaty, Margaret Thatcher was elected as the Prime Minister of the UK, the Sahara desert experiences snow for 30 minutes, International Year of the Child begins

I was still loving disco in 1979. Disco was both partnered and solo dancing. We practiced for hours to perfect our steps and moves. We wanted to be seen swinging, twirling and in sync with the music with the greatest of ease. There were disco floors that radiated positive energy and glittering lights. And of course, there was the disco ball above our heads adding more to the aura of the glamor and glitz. We dressed to the nines to go discoing. This was a happy time in life for me.

Let’s see – a few steps to the right, left, back and forward to beat, which the basic steps are simple but then there were several disco step patterns-Latin Hustle, American Hustle, Street Hustle, Continental Hustle, New York Hustle, Disco Swing, and more. And don’t forget to count your beats.



 The birth of the Year of the Child

This is a given to make one smile

You know music does a lot

There’s no end, there’s no plot

We got the Village People and the YMCA

Their #1 hit sold oodles each day

The Y filed a libel cos it wasn’t okay

  Pink Floyd’s in-person marvels at The Wall

They didn’t waste time shopping at a mall

What they yakked about at dinner

Tuned them in as a winner

You know it takes more than one hand to clap

But only one thumb and a finger to snap

Paper dolls of the world decomposing in brawls

They didn’t get the memo about awes and flaws

 Our perception of deception seems too lame

As we ponder the resolve with no one to blame

A blurry lens and murkiness one in the same

Hollow souls lost in quicksand appear tattered

 The end of the rainbow is all that mattered

Nineteen seventy-nine a measureless year in time

But all in all just “Another Brick in the Wall”


“Long you live and high you’ll fly, and smiles you’ll give, tears you’ll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”
Pink Floyd


“Breathe, breathe in the air,
Don’t be afraid to care…”
Pink Floyd

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  1. What wonderful poem.. Such an inspiring year.. I especially remember Margaret Thatcher .. 🙂 The lady was not for turning.. 🙂 And smiled at the Village People that takes me down memory lane.. And the Dinner dances we would do YMCA The Dukes of Hazzard got shown here in the UK too.. My son became a big fan.. 🙂 and even had a Dinky car of the same model.. 🙂

    Happy Tuesday xxx Hugs and much Love xx

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  2. I started being captivated by the picture, and wanting to own the piece. Then, “Hollow souls lost in quicksand appear tattered. The end of the rainbow is all that mattered” changed the perspective. Thanks for bringing in myriad shades of time.

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  3. I LOVE to dance and disco was big in my life at one time – I miss it, actually. I had just moved to NYC in ’79, where the club scene lasted longer than anywhere else, I believe, and provided a wonderful way to groove away many a night. I feel a bit sorry for the rave kids – barely close and definitely NOT a cigar. 🙂

    Great poem too. Thanks for sharing.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  4. Hey Eugenia,

    I do so enjoy disappearing into your entertaining poetry and losing myself within the imagery you conjure. I even bring a cup of coffee with me because I know I’ll be here for a wee while musing and amusing myself in thought. Always such fun, thank you 🙂

    Reading these wonderful memories of the past inspires nostalgia, but as I sit and reminisce on 1979 it seems I have forgotten far more than I remember and have come away with few memories of my own that stand out. Indeed, such is my foggy memory that I wonder if I was even there at all. Thankfully there’s always my sister to rely on to keep memories alive, she has encyclopaedic recall stretching back to before I was 5 years old. I’ll have to give her a call.

    Your post today put me in mind of a book recently enjoyed on audio called Black Swan Green, a semi-autobiographical bildungsroman written by David Mitchell. The blurb on Amazon reads as follows – ‘January, 1982. Thirteen-year-old Jason Taylor – covert stammerer and reluctant poet – anticipates a stultifying year in his backwater English village. But he hasn’t reckoned with bullies, simmering family discord, the Falklands War, a threatened gypsy invasion and those mysterious entities known as girls. Charting thirteen months in the black hole between childhood and adolescence, this is a captivating novel, wry, painful and vibrant with the stuff of life.’ Being of similar age to the author I found this a compelling listen and full to brimming with memories of that fateful year in 1982. I’d recommend its read just for the nostalgia alone.

    As for Disco…there is nothing better than having an occasional boogie fest on You Tube and busting out a few dance moves behind closed doors on a Saturday night 🙂 I’m certain you’ll be a far better dancer than I…I have trouble simply walking in a straight line!

    Well I must away and get some shut-eye before the alarm barks its order to wake for another day. Thanks again for memories and nostalgia and for the enjoyment of your lyrical words. Shine on you crazy diamond! 🙂

    Until next time, take care in all ways always.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Oh my, such a wonderful comment. I am delighted that you get lost in my poetry as I have such fun writing it. Even those that were not yet around during those years seem to enjoy my “almost rap-like poems”. I will check out Black Swan Green, per your recommendation, as it sounds quite interesting.

      I find disco to be addicting. It has international flair; it’s glamorous, graceful, creative, glitzy and flexible. I consider it happy music mainly because it reminds me of happy memories.

      In fact, my hubby and I spent a fun evening at a local piano bar where the clientele is in our age bracket. Once the music started, none of us could sit still. The entertainer displayed knowledge of an amazing span of music starting with the 50’s and moved to some of the more current music. The disco sound seems to get everyone in a dancing mood.

      Thank you for your visit and stop by anytime. Take care and make every day your best day.

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      • Hey Eugenia,

        It’s always a pleasure to visit and linger a while. Your site offers a warm and generous welcome and a decent cup of coffee, thank you.

        I must say Eugenia your night out with hubby sounds an absolute blast. I just wish I had been there to enjoy it with you all and be spellbound by the glitz, the glamour, the grace and the enthusiasm…not to mention the energy! I am beginning to doubt your age 🙂

        I enjoy watching dance and admire those who are able to express and interpret rhythm and beat with their body. I have a natural sense of rhythm but two left feet for dancing, perhaps that is why I am still stuck as a desk-chair dancer and not a dancing swirling gyrating diva of the dance-floor. Never-mind, I will prevail and will still find entertainment gigging away with the beats.

        Make every day your best day…yes indeed, live it like it were the weekend everyday! Right there with you on that one Eugenia: still young enough to get up to a little mischief and still old enough to know how to get away with it lol 🙂 That is the wonder of age.

        Take care of you.

        Namaste 🙂


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