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Tidbits from the year 1983

The great state of Texas gets hit with 127 mph winds and storm surges up to 12 feet thanks to Hurricane Alicia, the world population is estimated at 4.72 billion, China’s population is estimated at 1 billion, a 5.2 earthquake shakes Central New York, unemployment rises to 12 million in the U.S.

Average Cost of new house $82,600.00, average annual income $21,070.00, average monthly rent $335.00, women’s jacket and skirt $60.00, men’s blazer and slacks $113.00.

Microsoft Word is released, Swatch debuted their first watches, Cabbage Patch dolls become a success, Motorola introduces the first mobile phones to the public in the U.S., seat belts become mandatory for drivers and front seat passengers in the UK, McDonald’s introduces the McNugget.

The final episode of MAS*H draws 125 million viewers, Fraggle Rock debuts on HBO during January of 1983 (the show was one of the first original shows on HBO – created and produced by Jim Henson).

1983, a glorious year for music! Michael Jackson with “Beat It” and Billie Jean”, and The Police with “Every Breath You Take”, Lionel Richie with “All Night Long”, just to name a few. And other names of the famous and fabulous-Duran Duran, Elton John, David Bowie, Culture Club, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart and many more. The stellar list of music and musicians seems endless making 1983 one of the best years in music.

Do we boogie or do the ballet

As the population rises each day

Mom nature’s huffing and puffing

Her skirt blowing in the wind

Poor souls in the path of her spin

Her ear to the ground, hey what’s that sound

A lotta shaking going on – oh woebegone!

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again

Don’t dip your toe unless you know

The clock ticks backward – tock ticks

One two three – pick up sticks

Something popped up on my Facebook page today

A reminder my birthday was yesterday

I didn’t get the memo and forgot to connect the dots

I’m an odd peg-leg living in the now

But there ain’t no sunshine until I learn how


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  1. I wonder if anyone still has their collection of Swatches? I guess they’re still in business, but you never hear about them anymore. At least, I don’t, but I’m pretty much out of the pop culture business.

    Hard to believe that Microsoft Word has been around all that time. WordPerfect came before it, I think, and as I remember it was all commend-line driven. No Windows yet. At least, not that I remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Swatch is still in business and in fact, they have a website.
      I like them and thought the idea was very clever. I don’t wear watches much since I can see the time on my phone.

      I remember WordPerfect too. So much has improved since then. Technology has come a long way.


  2. Reading above seems I missed a special day. A happy belated birthday to you Eugenia.. 🙂
    And loved the image message Keep Calm and Rock On..
    Much needed..
    Sending Much love your way. and 83 was a brilliant year musically.. 🙂
    Love and Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my dear Eugenia, you poem made me laugh. I want to learn to completely live in the now and stop counting the calendar. I am a boogie kind of girl and enjoy watching ballet though I can’t stand on my tippy toes. Happy belated birthday beautiful one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jacqueline. Living in the now is challenging but I feel it’s better than the alternative. I just keep boogieing as if there is no tomorrow.


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