Etched sands from the tide

My sandcastle is my home

Murmurs of summer


This week’s event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word summer. Please drop by and join the challenge at Patricia’s Place


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  1. Great stuff! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!

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  2. Excellent haiku Eugenia. Takes you right into the heart of Summer.

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  3. Lovely, Eugenia. 🙂

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  4. Girl, you rock! Short and sweet!

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  5. Looking for summer to come back here to Donegal Eugenia. Wishing you a very Happy summer. 😊

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  6. Lovely! Great poem to bring on the sweet daydreams of summer. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Nicely done! I like this haiku.


  8. Every year it comes and makes me feel,
    To slide and surf outside of dreams.
    It challenges me to go out and play,
    That’s what I love about Summer days..🏖🏜☀

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  9. Donna-Luisa, oh so sweet
    So much strength doesn’t accept defeat
    Let that sun shine through the haze
    Let us celebrate summer days


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